Find the Best Jackbox Games Titles for Your Group Size

Whether you’re looking for 2-player Jackbox games or planning a big game night at your university, we’ve got you covered. But where to start?

Choosing a Jackbox game to play is like choosing which toppings to put on a sundae. Are you in the mood for chocolate? Extra sprinkles? A bunch of gummy worms on top for seemingly no reason?! (You monsters!)

We have been hearing from fans that it would be helpful to have a comprehensive list of all titles and their player count so that it’s easy to see which options are available to you based on the size of your group. In fact, some amazing fans took it upon themselves to create fan-made versions of this list!

We encourage you to check out @ryne_ee on Twitter’s awesome Jackbox selector tool! And, House of Darkly‘s innovative spreadsheet for figuring out your preferred Jackbox game depending on your mood. A big thanks to both for creating these! 

Both tools above have similar info, but here’s our take if you’re looking for some quick assistance. In addition, we should note that our games are rated T for Teen. If you’re playing with a younger crowd, here’s a list of all titles that have family friendly support. Here’s a list of all Jackbox games and their player count.

GameTitlePlayer CountExtended Timers?Audience?
Drawful 2 Standalone Game3-8YesYes
QuiplashStandalone Game3-8YesYes
FibbageStandalone Game2-8NoNo
You Don’t Know Jack Classic PackStandalone Games1-3NoNo. Your keyboard is your controller!
Quiplash 2 InterLASHionalStandalone Game3-8YesYes
You Don’t Know Jack 2015The Jackbox Party Pack1-4NoNo
Fibbage XLThe Jackbox Party Pack2-8NoNo
DrawfulThe Jackbox Party Pack3-8NoNo
Word SpudThe Jackbox Party Pack2-8NoNo
Lie SwatterThe Jackbox Party Pack1-100NoNo
Fibbage 2The Jackbox Party Pack 22-8YesYes
BidiotsThe Jackbox Party Pack 23-6NoNo
Bomb Corp.The Jackbox Party Pack 21-4NoNo
EarwaxThe Jackbox Party Pack 23-8NoYes
Quiplash XLThe Jackbox Party Pack 23-8YesYes
Quiplash 2The Jackbox Party Pack 33-8YesYes
Trivia Murder PartyThe Jackbox Party Pack 31-8YesYes
GuesspionageThe Jackbox Party Pack 32-8NoYes
Tee K.O.The Jackbox Party Pack 33-8YesYes
Fakin’ ItThe Jackbox Party Pack 33-6NoYes
Fibbage 3The Jackbox Party Pack 42-8YesYes
Survive the InternetThe Jackbox Party Pack 43-8YesYes
Monster Seeking MonsterThe Jackbox Party Pack 43-7YesYes
BracketeeringThe Jackbox Party Pack 43-16YesYes
Civic DoodleThe Jackbox Party Pack 43-8YesYes
You Don’t Know Jack: Full StreamThe Jackbox Party Pack 51-8YesYes
Split the RoomThe Jackbox Party Pack 53-8YesYes
Patently StupidThe Jackbox Party Pack 53-8YesYes
Mad Verse CityThe Jackbox Party Pack 53-8YesYes
Zeeple DomeThe Jackbox Party Pack 51-6NoNo
Trivia Murder Party 2The Jackbox Party Pack 61-8YesYes
Role ModelsThe Jackbox Party Pack 63-6YesYes
Joke BoatThe Jackbox Party Pack 63-8YesYes
DictionariumThe Jackbox Party Pack 63-8YesYes
Push The ButtonThe Jackbox Party Pack 64-10NoNo
Quiplash 3The Jackbox Party Pack 73-8YesYes
Champ’d UpThe Jackbox Party Pack 73-8YesYes
The Devils and the DetailsThe Jackbox Party Pack 73-8NoYes
Blather ‘RoundThe Jackbox Party Pack 72-6NoYes
Talking PointsThe Jackbox Party Pack 73-8YesYes

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