Fibbage 4 Is Coming To Party Pack 9 and You Could Be in It

We’ve made a lot of party games at Jackbox, but we finally found one we liked enough to slap a four on it.* That’s right, Fibbage 4 is coming this fall in The Jackbox Party Pack 9 and it’s got a truckload of exciting features, including:

  • Everyone’s favorite trivia host, Cookie Masterson
  • Fibbage Enough About You mode, where all the questions are about you and your friends
  • Cookie’s VHS Vault, with video clips from the craziest old movies we could find (under Cookie’s bed)
  • Fibbage Fan Questions, with real weird stories told on video by the real Fibbage fans that lived them (Like you maybe? See below!)
  • More question categories
  • An all new Final Fibbage
  • Themed episodes
  • New audience features
  • Updated moderation tools
  • And more!

In short, we think this is going to be the biggest and best Fibbage yet. And to make it, we need your help. Let’s talk about those fan questions we mentioned…


For the first time in the game’s history, Fibbage could feature an unbelievable true fact from your life! Our writers already know about the weird thing George Washington found in his pockets in 1783. We want to know what YOU found in George Washington’s pockets in 1783! Or in your own pockets yesterday!

In case you need a refresher, Fibbage is the irreverent bluffing game from the long-running Jackbox Party Pack series. Players get a true fact with a key word or phrase blanked out. For example:

A man in Shaanxi, China was shocked to find out that the thing he had been using as a nutcracker was actually _____.

Players enter lies that fit the blank to fool the other players. You get points for spotting the actual truth (in this case “a hand grenade”) and for tricking people with your lie.

But why should that guy in Shaanxi have all the fun? We bet you’ve found something odd in the woods, learned a shocking secret about your hometown, or ended up in a completely ridiculous situation. Everybody’s got their go-to “strangest thing that ever happened to me” story, and we want yours.


EDIT: Submissions for Fibbage 4 are now closed. Please check back in Fall 2022 to see fan facts in the game!

Share your story! If we like it, we’ll get in touch and ask you to record your fact as a Fibbage question with your phone’s selfie camera. If we use your video in the game, you’ll get the ultimate Jackbox prize: copies of all eight Jackbox Party packs. Later this fall, you’ll get a free code for The Jackbox Party Pack 9 starring you!** Plus you’ll get to see your name in the credits!


  • Entirely true.
  • Something that happened to you personally, an event you were present for, or a verifiable fact about your town or state.
  • So surprising that it’s hard to believe it really did happen. (The kind of story where you’d have to say “I swear this is true!” while telling it.)


  • Above all, it should be unbelievable but true. The best Fibbage questions are the ones where the truth is crazier than any of the players’ lies.
  • Make sure it’s not easy to guess. If you went on a fishing trip and your dad fell into the lake, that’s hilarious but not surprising. We all know there’s a lot of water on a fishing trip. If the truth is the first lie a player might write, it won’t work for Fibbage. On the other hand, if your dad was mistaken for Bigfoot on that fishing trip, now we’re in business. 
  • Try to imagine where the “blank” might go. If you were telling your story to a friend, what’s the most surprising part that you would build up to revealing at the end. If there isn’t one, it probably isn’t a great fit for Fibbage.
  • It should be surprising even for someone who doesn’t know you. It might shock your friends that you once took a poetry class in college, but that’s because they know how staunchly anti-poem you are. The rest of the world won’t find it all that interesting.
  • Extra Credit: Have something to show on camera. It’s not necessary, but if your story has a visual element (an object to hold, a picture, an outfit, etc.) make sure to mention that.


Here are some examples of the kind of strange facts we’re looking for. The capitalized parts are where we would put the blanks for players to guess. These examples are made up, but remember: Your fact must be true!

Last year, my family found a box on our porch with no return address. When we opened it, we found AN OX SKULL. It turned out the package was meant for a biology professor who lives up the street, but it was pretty freaky! 

At my grandma’s funeral, I leaned over and accidentally dropped A TAMAGOTCHI into the casket. I don’t think anyone noticed. I hope grandma is feeding him in heaven. 

In middle school, my first boyfriend broke up with me because he said he didn’t trust people with PET HAMSTERS. He refused to explain any further, but I clearly dodged a bullet. 

My dad was banned for life from our local hardware store, because the owner found out he hated FRASIER. That was his one line and dad crossed it. 

There’s a statue in the center of my hometown of A BEAR HOLDING A GUN. I have no idea what it’s meant to symbolize but it’s beautiful and people put hats on him sometimes.


* Okay fine, other than YDKJ: THE RIDE.

**Prizes given out in the form of Steam codes, redeemable on PC, Mac, or Linux.

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