How to Keep Your Stream Safe While Playing Jackbox Games

The Jackbox Twitch Team has been hard at work streaming games to a growing community of Jackbox fans. Experienced streamers are familiar with the perils of internet trolls and the necessary role that moderators play in protecting their chat from unwanted invaders. If you’re an up-and-coming streamer online who wants to avoid playing Jackbox with these unsavory characters, stick around. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to defend your stream against bad actors trying to hijack your Jackbox stream. 

  • Family-Friendly Filter

Since The Jackbox Party Pack 2, we have included a Family-Friendly Filter in the settings menu which takes some of the more, ahem, suggestive prompts out of the game. Toggling this filter on takes a game from a rating of T for Teen down to somewhere around an E10+ rating. This is the first step towards helping keep your stream safe for a diverse audience. 

  • Require Twitch

With this setting enabled, users will need to log in using their Twitch credentials to play along. This also locks in their Twitch handle as the username for playing the game, allowing you or your moderators to accurately identify and ban any problematic users. Learn more about “Require Twitch” here

  • Room Code Hiding

By hiding the Room Code, the four letter Room Code will remain hidden until you present it to your audience. This will allow you to reveal it to yourself off-screen to share the Room Code with an audience that you feel comfortable playing with. Many users use a trusted community such as Discord in order to share the Room Code. You can see what Room Code hiding looks like from this Tee K.O. homescreen:

  • VIP Manual Censoring

As the VIP, you have the ability to instantly edit away any user generated submissions that you deem to be inappropriate. From your controller, you’re able to omit responses that include content that you don’t want to see on your stream. The response that has been censored is ineligible for voting and automatically loses the round. In addition, their responses will remain hidden for the duration of the round so that you don’t have to continue censoring them. You can see what that looks like here in Quiplash 2

  • Max Players

Though many of our games accommodate up to eight players, limiting the amount of participants to fit only your trusted group is helpful to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your game. Set the player count and provide the Room Code only to your friends to ensure that your game is fully optimized to prevent outsiders from getting in. 

  • Finding the best games to play with your audience

Many of our games allow the audience to participate. Finding a game that has the audience support function is great for keeping your viewers engaged. Some games, such as Fakin’ It, are best suited for an in-person experience while others, such as Lie Swatter or Guesspionage, are great to run with a large player count and require very little moderation. 

You can learn more about the settings features we’ve added since The Jackbox Party Pack 5 here.

We’re not done yet! Check out our plans to help with content moderation in our upcoming release of The Jackbox Party Pack 7 here, including automatic content filtering.

If you feel as though you are being targeted on Twitch or Discord, be sure to reach out to their support teams with any relevant information including screenshots, usernames, and contextual information regarding the harassment. 

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