2-Player Games For Your Long-Distance Date Night

blather round

Listen, if there was a practical way to slurp two ends of a spaghetti noodle ending in a big, wet kiss from miles apart, I’d be sure to let you know. Unfortunately, there’s not. So you’ll have to settle for the second most romantic long-distance date night idea: games!

Playing Jackbox Games with your long-distance lover can help keep the excitement alive. From trivia games to guessing games to co-op bomb-defusing games, we’ve got it all. Text your boo and tell them it’s game night! 

How to play

Our games are available for Mac/PC via Steam, Luna, and Epic Games. Use your phones as controllers to play hilarious games and feel the spark from miles away. Learn more about getting started here

For a long-distance game night, we recommend using Google Meet, Discord, or Zoom to play and chat. Learn more about setting up your virtual game night here

What to play

We offer a wide variety of games that accommodate various ranges of player counts. When it comes to two-player games to play with your partner online, a few stand out as excellent options.

Quixort can be found in our latest pack of games, The Jackbox Party Pack 9. This game will test your trivia skills as you work to sort falling blocks into their correct order. Compete with your partner for the win, or work together in the co-op mode, Quixort: Forever.

How well do you know your partner’s opinions about things? In The Poll Mine, you and your partner will rank your opinions on a variety of topics and then try to guess how the other person answered. This is a real test of how closely you’ve been paying attention.

If you’d like to test you and your long-distance partner’s ability to communicate with limited resources, Blather ‘Round is a fantastically fun option. Try to help your partner guess a pop culture topic by selecting weird phrases to describe it. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll be on fire with your synchronicity.

And, of course, no long-distance date night would be complete without defusing a bomb. In Bomb Corp, each player receives different instructions on their phone and needs to share information with others to collectively complete the task in a short amount of time. It’s a blast. Literally.

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