The Perfect Holiday Gift Under $20 For Your Friends or Family

If you’re like me and have already received text messages from your uncle about your family’s winter holiday gift exchange, never fear! Jackbox Games has the perfect gift under $20 for your loved ones: The Jackbox Party Starter!

It never fails. Every year, I feel extreme anxiety when tasked with getting a reasonably-priced gift for someone I only talk to a handful of times each year. If we’re being honest, that anxiety is just as strong when it comes to getting a gift for someone I know incredibly well! Gifts are meant to be a signal of thoughtfulness, which can be hard to achieve if your list is as long as Kris Kringle’s. 

It’s true, you could pull up a megacorp shopping site and do a price filter for gifts for $20 or less, but how many beanie hats, tote bags, mugs, or socks does someone really need? Be the cool coworker and give the masses what they really desire. A party! 

Why The Jackbox Party Starter is the Perfect Gift

  • It’s available for just under $20 but will be frequently on sale over the holiday season! Spend less and pocket those extra dollars for some hot cocoa.
  • It’s available on Steam (usable on PC or Mac computers), Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation! It’s also playable in-person or remotely. If you can’t get together with your loved one to try it out, we recommend purchasing for Steam and using a video conferencing tool to share the game screen. You can find more remote play tips here
  • It contains some of the best party games known to humankind. We’re as serious as a flight on Christmas Eve. The Jackbox Party Starter contains Quiplash 3, Trivia Murder Party 2, and Tee K.O. Three party-tested favorites that offer something for everyone at your party: trivia, writing, drawing, and a heck ton of jolly belly laughs. 
  • It’s a perfect fit for someone who has never played a Jackbox Games title before. These games are easy to jump into and all of them have updated features and settings to customize the experience to the people you’re playing with. 
  • It’s available in multiple languages! Got a global group? All games in The Jackbox Party Starter have been localized in French, Italian, German, and Spanish! Père Noël is impressed.

When you’re ready to make your purchase, the first step is figuring out which platform your giftee will be playing on. We have a handy guide on how gifting works for each platform here. Steam is typically the easiest platform for gifting. If you purchase Steam code from our shop, you’ll receive a 15-digit code that you can write in a holiday card or on a pony’s saddle. (Do you hear me, Santa? I would like a Christmas pony, please.)

Keep an eye on our website for the latest updates and deals on this super giftable title!

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