How to Choose the Right Party Pack 7 Game for Your Next Work Meeting

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Keeping your colleagues engaged at a work meeting is an arduous task, but The Jackbox Party Pack 7 can breathe life into your conference room. If you and your team are starting to filter back into the office, Jackbox can serve as a great social icebreaker. If your team is still remote, we’d love to help you take your meetings up a notch to avoid the ever-looming Zoom fatigue. Check out this blog if you need help learning how to play Jackbox titles remotely.

Every team has its own needs. Read below to find the right game from The Jackbox Party Pack 7 for your next team meeting. 

Blather ‘Round with your coworkers for some team-building fun. 

GREAT FOR: small teams (2-6 people), team building, building communication skills, pattern building

Are you working with a team that accidentally reply-alls a little too often? Do you have some coworkers who say one thing via email, but really mean something else? (Susan doesn’t really hope that her emails find us well). 

If you need a game to build your team’s communication skills, Blather ‘Round is the perfect pick from Party Pack 7. Players will have to think quickly and choose wisely from a small set of descriptors, allowing their teammates to guess the word or phrase they selected. Break the ice at your next meeting with Blather ‘Round, and THEN get into the expense reports once your communication skills have been warmed up (you really can’t expense your paninis, Susan).

Play The Devils and the Details if your work family is just as dysfunctional as your actual family.

GREAT FOR: small-medium teams (3-8 people), strengthening focus, communication, listening skills, teamwork

Does it feel like you’re constantly putting out work fires? Call the fire department for any literal infernos, and fire up The Jackbox Party Pack 7 to put out metaphorical flames.   

Learn how to work more efficiently as a team with The Devils and the Details. This game will force you to work together to complete tasks, listen carefully, and choose between selfish gain or group advancement. 

Target your team’s creativity with Champ’d Up.

GREAT FOR: small-medium teams (3-8 people), learning to fulfill the brief, sharpening your context assessment skills, boosting creativity 

Maybe you’re working with a group of people who know how to get the job done well, but don’t care to challenge the status quo with creative ideas. Or maybe you’re working with chaotic creatives who have lots of ideas, but don’t know how to reign it in and fulfill the brief. Whether your team needs to be pushed towards creative thought or needs to learn how to appropriately target their imagination, Champ’d Up can help. 

When you play Champ’d Up in your next team meeting, your coworkers will be asked to flex their creative problem solving skills by drawing a champion of a made-up title. Then, they will be tasked with using context clues in another team member’s drawing to develop a challenger. These glorious creations will go head-to-head in matchups decided by other team members. This is the right Party Pack 7 pick to create *healthy* workplace rivalries. 

Talking Points is the game-ified work presentation gone wrong (or oh-so-right). 

GREAT FOR: teams of any size (3-8 players & a great game for audience participation), confidence building, speaking skills, adaptability, persuasion

Imagine spending all night preparing for an extremely important presentation to be delivered to your company’s board. You gather yourself, begin your presentation, and somehow all your slides have been replaced with photos of snakes?!?! 

Talking Points will prepare your teammates to master chaos by forcing them to speak extemporaneously on a silly topic. And if that’s not enough chaos, presentation slides are completely controlled by someone else on the team. 

A few rounds of Talking Points can help employees in any industry combat stage fright and sharpen their on the fly thinking. And if nothing else, every other presentation they do after this will feel leagues easier by comparison.

Laugh off some work stress with Quiplash 3.

GREAT FOR: teams of any size (3-8 players & a great game for audience participation), stress relief, creativity, idea generation, good old-fashioned team building

With so much happening remotely, it can feel like our workplaces have lost their personality. Good news: you don’t have to hear Brian smacking his gum all afternoon in the cubicle over. Bad news: you haven’t seen Brian in months and you kind of… miss him?

Quiplash 3 is the perfect virtual game to bring the joy back to your team meetings. Whether you’re capping off the week with a virtual happy hour or attempting to boost the energy in the room first thing Monday morning, Quiplash 3 is sure to spice up your team meeting. With plenty of prompts to get your brain juices flowing, your team will sharpen their wit. This goofy audience-decided game is great for stress relief. 

Or… play ‘em all! Buy the full Party Pack 7 here.

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