Using Jackbox Games as a Social Icebreaker

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As more people are getting vaccinated, the inevitable return to social obligations may feel a bit daunting. Our need to be socially distant may soon be interrupted by questions about your availability next weekend, or wondering if you’re going to the beach with us on Sunday. It’s going to take some adjustment.

As we begin to ease back into normal, we need to remind ourselves how to socialize. By “we,” I of course mean “me.” I need to learn how to socialize again. 

Games are a great way to break the ice in any social situation. Playing games in The Jackbox Party Pack 7 can be a great way to ease back into socializing.

Warm up with Quiplash 3. It’s a familiar game that many have played before (and if they haven’t, the process is easy to learn). The rules are simple and straightforward, and you’ll quickly cultivate new inside jokes from the winning prompts. 

Take a break with Champ’d Up, a game where you and your group can lean back and think of what to draw next. This is a great opportunity to compliment your friends on their artistic skills in a low-stakes game. 

If you’ve forgotten many normal cultural references, and need a quick refresher, gather ‘round for some Blather ‘Round. The sentence structures that you’ll formulate in this game will resemble the way it feels to talk to other humans again after a year of no-contact. 

This is the challenge round. If you’re like me, you have done very little over the past year. Therefore, you have very few new stories to tell your friends about. This may cause some awkward lapses in conversation. Take a break from coming up with talking points, and play Talking Points! This is a perfect icebreaker game for people who need to warm back up to the idea of communicating with a group again. 

After this, your confidence will be at an all-time high. Not only will you begin to talk with each other, you’ll soon find that you’re talking over each other as well. This is good. Channel this conversation superpower and use it for good (or evil) in The Devils and the Details

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 has helped many of us during quarantine, and we here at Jackbox Games hope that it continues to bring people together in the coming months. If you have a story to share about how our games have helped you in the past year, let us hear it on Twitter!


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