How Audience Play-Along Differs In Each Jackbox Game

Our games range from an intimate experience with a small group of friends to an all-night party at universities and conventions with hundreds of players at once. You may know that most of our games are suitable for 3-8 players. But what happens when you have more than eight friends?

First of all, congratulations on winning the popularity contest. Your mother must be very proud. 

Second, your overflow friends can still play along as members of the audience. We strongly recommend rotating in new players so everyone gets a shot, but the audience gameplay is surprisingly comprehensive. Audience participation ranges between voting for their favorite responses to being rejected for a date. 

We’ve compiled this handy chart so you can see what the audience interaction is like for each Jackbox game. I hope you and your many many friends like it.

Game TitleAudience Can Vote on Player Submitted ContentAudience Can Award LikesAudience Can Submit TextAdditional Audience Behaviors
Drawful 2YesYesNo
Quiplash 2: InterLASHionalYesNoYes**Audience Play-Along can be enabled.
TJPP2: Fibbage 2YesYesNoPerfect audience scores receive a “bonus fact.”
TJPP2: EarwaxNoYesNo
TJPP2: Quiplash XLYesNoNo
TJPP3: Quiplash 2YesNoYes**Audience Play-Along can be enabled.
TJPP3: Trivia Murder PartyNoNoNoAudience can submit their answer to trivia questions, and predict what will happen in the Killing Room.
TJPP3: GuesspionageNoNoNoAudience answers the survey question. When there are >5 audience answers that data is used in game.
TJPP3: Fakin’ ItNoNoNoAudience receives the secret task and can vote on the “Faker.”
TJPP3: Tee K.O.YesNoYes**Audience Suggestions can be enabled.
TJPP4: Fibbage 3YesNoNoAudience votes on a decoy, then continues on to vote for the correct answer.
TJPP4: Survive the InternetYesNoNo
TJPP4: Monster Seeking MonsterNoNoNoAudience interacts by voting for chat prompts and then who to date at the end of each day. Audience can get points and win.
TJPP4: BracketeeringYesNoNo
TJPP4: Civic DoodleYesNoNoAudience can also submit the game’s emojis as reactions to the live drawings.
TJPP5: YDKJ: Full StreamNoNoNoAudience can submit their answers to trivia questions.
TJPP5: Split the RoomYesNoNoAudience can also choose between pre-written prompts for their own STR scenario.
TJPP5: Mad Verse CityYesNoNoAudience can also spam click to destroy buildings and to “hype” up performers.
TJPP5: Patently StupidYesNoNo
TJPP6: Trivia Murder Party 2NoNoNoAudience can submit their answer to trivia questions, and predict what will happen in the Killing Room.
TJPP6: Joke BoatYesNoNo
TJPP6: Role ModelsYesNoNoAudience also can vote to give bonus points to a role.
TJPP6: DictionariumYesNoNo
TJPP7: Quiplash 3YesNoNo
TJPP7: Devils and the DetailsNoNoNoAudience votes on name of house cat, then can perform tasks to control the cat.
TJPP7: Champ’d UpYesNoNoAudience votes which player they are rooting for and what they want their signs to say.
TJPP7: Talking PointsNoYes*
*This is in the form of the audience trophy
NoAudience can spam the up and down buttons to interact with presentation.
TJPP7: Blather ‘RoundNoNoNoAudience can guess and be notified if they guess correctly.
TJPP8: Drawful: AnimateYesYesNoAudience can switch up the flip board image while players are drawing.
TJPP8: Job JobYesYesNoAudience can change the motivational poster in the background.
TJPP8: Poll MineYesYesNoIn Streamer Mode, the audience is playing against the player. Audience influences the results of the polls.
TJPP8: WheelNoNoNoThe audience can vote for their favorites to win rounds.
TJPP8: Weapons DrawnNoNoNoThe audience behaves as both the murderer and the detective.
TJPP9: Fibbage 4YesYesNoAudience earns their own score and are given a rank at the end of the game. There’s an achievement for getting the highest audience rank.
TJPP9: NonsensoryYesNoNoAudience can test their own ability by syncing up with the Card Challenge.
TJPP9: QuixortNoNoNoAudience can join a team, play along, and compare their scores.
TJPP9: JunktopiaYesNoNoAudience can give thumbs up/down during player presentations.
TJPP9: RoomerangYes – Audience votes on favorite Challenge answers and count as one vote (represented by the TV icon).NoNoAudience engages in fun polls during writing moments, are polled on who they want eliminated, and actually eliminate a player when the Audience Advantage is activated!

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