How To Take Your Halloween Party to the Next Level with Modified Jackbox Games Rules

Halloween Party Talking Points

You’re almost ready to throw the perfect Halloween party. You’ve purchased the exact right number of decorative squashes. You’ve selected a Halloween costume that is both topical and tastefully sultry. You’ve invited the friends that will actually commit to dressing up for the holiday. All that’s left is choosing the right entertainment for the night. 

Jackbox Games has a ton of great party games for Halloween. In fact, The Jackbox Party Pack 8 has five games perfect for your Halloween party including a murder mystery game and a team game in which you must really know your friends in order to escape an evil witch. After all, there’s really nothing spookier than your friends’ opinions. 

But maybe you’ve been there, done that, played those games, and are ready to take it up a notch. Here are a few ways you can modify the rules to Jackbox party games and spice up your Halloween party.

  1. Play the games in character.

Who wouldn’t want to see Harley Quinn, a taco, and Ted Lasso in a vicious rap battle? Playing Mad Verse City in character is the perfect way to roast your friends without actually roasting your friends. 

Don’t stop there! Add a layer to Quiplash by crafting responses in character. (What would Dracula say in a hostage situation?) Play Fibbage 3: Enough About You to really dig into the psyche of your character. See how Hulk would fare as a stand up comedian in Joke Boat. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Tell a chaotic ghost story with Talking Points.

There’s nothing scarier than having to give a presentation you’re unprepared for… except for ghosts.

Talking Points prompts you to deliver an improvised speech with “help” from someone controlling the slides. Make the game a bit more devious by turning off the lights and crafting impromptu ghost stories. Why does your ghost story involve a stock photo of a garden gnome? That’s for you and your party guests to discover.

  1. Raise the stakes with real-life consequences.

The in-game stakes are already pretty high for Trivia Murder Party. Answer correctly, or face death. But why not raise the stakes amongst your friends? 

An obvious option for raising the stakes in this game would be to, oh, I don’t know, complete a specific action every time you get an answer wrong.

Or perhaps you’re more reward-motivated. A quiplash moment could earn Halloween candy (or the ability to assign actions to other partygoers if you’re still on that train).


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