Why The Jackbox Party Pack 8 Is The Perfect Halloween Party Game

Halloween jackbox party games

There’s nothing more haunting than being the person in charge of planning the Halloween party. Whether you’re spooking at a friend’s house or spooking on a Zoom call, The Jackbox Party Pack 8 games are perfect for livening things up so you don’t get ghosted! 

We recommend picking the games up on Steam if you’re looking to play remotely so it’s easiest to share your game screen with others on the call. If your coven has gathered in-person, any of our other platforms like Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation will do. 

With five different games to pick from in a pack, there’s something for anyone in the group to enjoy. Here’s our guide for keeping everything running smoothly!

Outwit Your Opponent Job Job

In Job Job, the more nonsensical your answers are, the funnier the game is! It’s a great starter for people unfamiliar with Jackbox. Players start by answering interview questions on their mobile devices. The words in these answers are then scrambled up and sent to each player to form new sentences to two different prompts. Then, everyone goes head to head to see which answer is funniest. Assuming you still have one, that is! *the darkest and spookiest laugh*

Appreciate the Absurdity of Drawful: Animate

The DrAWFUL drawings you love are back with a twist in The Jackbox Party Pack 8. Everyone gets an absurd prompt and then must draw not one but TWO frames, which will loop in an animation. Everyone submits what they think the prompt was and then votes for what they think the real answer is. We can’t wait to see your interpretation of a goblin wearing a diaper as a hat. 

Confront the Cave Witch in The Poll Mine

In our first head-to-head team game, you must collaborate with your fellow adventurers to guess who players have ranked responses to various poll questions. Players earn torches for guessing answers in the right order. Earn enough for your team and snuff out the other team’s torches to escape Laverne Cavern, the evil cave witch! 

Test Your Luck in The Wheel of Enormous Proportions

When you’re ready to confront a higher power, spin The Wheel of Enormous Proportions for the chance to win an omnipotent answer to your deepest questions. Players answer a series of trivia questions to get more slices to place on the wheel for better odds of earning points. Get the most points and a lucky spin to win the game. A more thrilling feeling than being the last teen standing in a horror movie! 

Solve the Murders in Weapons Drawn 

No one is safe at your Halloween party when you play Weapons Drawn because in this game, everyone is a murderer! After you commit your crime, put on your detective hat to solve the other murders before you’re caught. Players hide calling cards in the form of letters in a drawing. Spot the other players’ calling cards to distract from your own devilish deeds!

Once you’ve tried all of the games in the pack, try some of the modified Halloween-inspired versions of our games we’ve outlined here

Halloween may last for only one night but resurrect your party night again with friends during Thanksgiving and December holidays. Keep an eye out for the latest seasonal deals on Jackbox Games titles and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok so you don’t miss important updates!

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