Drawful: Animate is Coming This Fall to The Jackbox Party Pack 8

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The owl is out of the bag. Drawful: Animate will be coming to The Jackbox Party Pack 8 this fall! 

As the name suggests, this latest version of the storied franchise will center around players making awful animations two frames at a time. But what if you’re ashamed of what you created? Fear not, because it plays on a loop! No matter your artistic skills, we think you’ll flip out (pun very much intended) with this fresh new take on a classic. 

This lively sequel will also explore new storylines, like the cat’s gritty origin story and the complicated interpersonal relationships between the pencils. Alright, we’re not doing that, BUT we are actively adding a slew of exciting new features that we’ll be announcing closer to launch.

Is that too much of a tease? FINE. We’ll throw you a bone and let you know that we are bumping up the player size to 10 players!

Much more info coming soon. In the meantime, start your index finger exercises now because you’ll need them in tip-top shape this fall. If you want to keep up with future announcements about The Jackbox Party Pack 8, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook and subscribe to our email list in the footer of this page. Learn more about Job Job and The Poll Mine, the other two games announced in the upcoming pack.

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