How To Celebrate Dad with Jackbox Games This Father’s Day

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You know when you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts and everything the internet suggests is just like, “Oh, you’re buying a gift for a MAN? Here’s 400 watches that all look the same! This one doesn’t tell time, it just says ‘STEAK’ on it.”

Please… don’t get your dad another Manly Leather Meat wallet this Father’s Day just because the Internet says that’s what Men™ want. 

Dads are not a monolith. Dads contain multitudes. Some dads are nerds, storing away years of random sports and film trivia inside their baseball-capped noggins. Some dads are artists, dozing off in lawn chairs while secretly dreaming of art residencies in Italy. Some dads are secret comedians, never missing the opportunity to bust out hilarious dance moves or well-timed puns. 

This Father’s Day, cater to dear old Dad’s finer sensibilities. Tickle his trivia brain, foster his fine art skills and provide a stage for his dad jokes. All can be achieved when you gift him a Jackbox Party Pack.

How To Give Dad a Party Pack

Jackbox Party Packs are an easy gift. So easy, in fact, that you could be reading this in Dad’s driveway on Father’s Day and have a gift ready for him by the time you ring his doorbell. 

Party Packs are available for purchase on Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. They’re also available for PC and Mac via Steam. If your dad has an Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV, you can purchase Jackbox Party Packs directly from those stores and get game night going directly from his TV. (This is a great option for dads who are talented in many areas, but not tech.) 

Jackbox Games also offers gift cards for dads who would like to pick out Party Packsthemselves from the official Jackbox shop (U.S. only). Learn more about gifting Jackbox Games here.

Which Party Pack Should You Give Dad for Father’s Day?

There are so many great choices! Jackbox Party Packs tend to have a mix of game types in each pack to tickle the fancies of all sorts of folks. For instance, The Jackbox Party Pack 8 includes Job Job (a silly word game), Drawful: Animate (a drawing game), The Wheel of Enormous Proportions (a part-trivia, part-chance game), Weapons Drawn (a social deduction murder mystery and drawing game) and The Poll Mine (an opinion-based team strategy game). Each of these games could be a favorite for a different family member, and this pack is particularly great for someone with a large family: Some of the games in The Jackbox Party Pack 8 support up to 10 players. Check out all of our games by player count here

Another family-favorite title is Quiplash. This is the type of game that will pull out the most outlandish jokes from the shyest members of your family, that will have you making callbacks to family memories you forgot existed and making new, weird family memories to cherish for years to come. Quiplash 3, the latest iteration of this popular party game, is available in The Jackbox Party Pack 7 (which also includes four other hilarious family party games).

How To Set Up Your Father’s Day Game Night on Your TV

First, you’ll want to bust out matching Hawaiian shirts to celebrate Pops. Then you’ll want to boot up Jackbox Games. 

If you purchased a Jackbox Party Pack for a gaming console that is already connected to your TV, you should be able to launch the games and get started playing right away. Each player will need a device such as a phone or a tablet in order to play. Players connect to the game using a browser to go to, enter the four-letter code and get started.

If you purchased a Party Pack on Steam, you’ll want to dig out an HDMI cable from Dad’s drawer o’ wires to connect your Mac or PC to the TV screen. Here’s a help article that also covers screen mirroring from an iPad. 

Check out our How To Play page for more info on setting up your game, or search our support site for more technical troubleshooting.

Adjust Game Settings for Your Father’s Day Game Night

Some families are more open than others. If you’re in one of those quick-witted, no limits, nothing-is-off-the table families, skip this section and launch that game of Quiplash 3 (and tag Jackbox Games in your game night screenshots on Twitter because the world needs to see that dirty joke Mom made).

If you don’t want to run the risk of blushing in front of family, check the game’s menu for a family friendly filter. Games with this checkbox will toggle off content that’s on the more risqué side.

Other settings can help your Father’s Day game night be a roaring success. Try toggling on subtitles in The Jackbox Party Pack 8 or using extended timers for the family that keeps talking over the rules and forgets to actually play the game. Watch this video to learn more about Jackbox Games settings menus. 


Whether you’re able to party with Dad in person or planning to celebrate Pops with a virtual game night, we hope Jackbox Games can help you form fun family memories.

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