Tee K.O. is Coming to The Jackbox Party Starter This Summer

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The Jackbox Party Starter is coming this summer! We’ve selected three of our existing titles to put into this ultimate pack for people who need a little help getting the party started.

By now you should already know that the first title in The Jackbox Party Starter is Quiplash 3.

The second of three games in The Jackbox Party Starter is: Tee K.O.!

Many of you guessed it on Twitter! We’re happy to bring Tee K.O. from The Jackbox Party Pack 3 to The Party Starter with some brand new features!

We’re updating this title with our latest and greatest settings and features including full localization of the subtitles and voice-over! 

Learn all about the new changes coming to The Jackbox Party Starter here!

New to Tee K.O.?

Tee K.O. is all about battling t-shirts with ridiculous images and slogans. We’re so excited to see what our fans can do with this revisited title. 

In Tee K.O., players are on the clock to create drawings and write as many slogans as possible. Then all the pictures and slogans are shuffled to other players at random. Whoever combines their drawings and slogans to create the best t-shirt wins, as designs are pitted against each other in head-to-head battles. The t-shirts with the highest votes in each round must survive the gauntlet to become the best. 

Perhaps the most beloved part of Tee K.O. is the fact that you can make your creations a reality and purchase actual versions of your t-shirts. Just click the gallery button at the end of the game or view your past galleries at Jackbox.tv.

And we made it easy to share your t-shirts on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to tag @jackboxgames to show us what you’ve made! For some reason, it’s a lot of shirts with hot dogs…

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