Quiplash 3 Is Coming to The Jackbox Party Starter!

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The Jackbox Party Starter is coming this summer! We’ve selected three of our existing titles to put into this ultimate pack for people who need a little help getting the party started. 

We’ve been hard at work figuring out which of our three titles would be a good fit for the Party Starter, and we’re pleased to announce that the first title in the pack is Quiplash 3!

Quiplash 3, which originally came out in The Jackbox Party Pack 7, features all of the content that you know and love. For this release, we’ve localized Quiplash 3 into French, Italian, German and Spanish. 

Learn more about all of the changes coming to The Party Starter!

Quiplash 3 is a game where you get to show off your comedy skills. It’s a perfect game for school, work, online game nights or in-person parties! We’ll give you a prompt such as, “What’s the quickest way to become the most popular kid in school?” Then you’ll go head-to-head with your friends to come up with the wittiest response. Might we suggest: “Defeat the school mascot in battle”? 
We’ll soon reveal the second and third titles coming to The Jackbox Party Starter. Do you have any guesses as to which games we’re including? Use #JackboxPartyStarter on Twitter to share your lineup!

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