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The Jackbox Party Starter is coming this summer! We’ve carefully selected three games to be in this epic pack that’s perfect for anyone who is unfamiliar with our games, or just wants a simple and fun way to get together with friends, family, coworkers, Discord randos, wealthy dowagers or highly sentient pets!

UPDATE: The Jackbox Party Starter is now available!

We’re updating three existing titles with a lot of fun new features. Here’s everything new that’s coming to The Jackbox Party Starter!

  1. Localization

We’re localizing all three games into French, Italian, German and Spanish! We currently have two titles that are localized: Drawful 2 and Quiplash 2 InterLASHional. Due to popular demand, we’re expanding this list to include all of the games coming to The Jackbox Party Starter! It’s not easy translating all of the prompts, which work well in English, but we think our international fans will love the changes we’ve made!

We’ve included FULL localization: Beyond just including translated subtitles, the voice actors’ dialog will also be fully translated! As an added bonus, even the end credit songs are fully translated!

  1.  Speaking of subtitles…

All of our games will include full subtitles in each language! This is a new feature for many of our older titles, and something that we’ve been striving to keep in all of our recent releases! We’re pleased to be able to provide this option for all of the games coming to The Jackbox Party Starter

  1. New settings

Fans of our most recent release, The Jackbox Party Pack 8, have found the new settings helpful. We’re bringing all of those features to each of the games in The Party Starter!

This includes: 

  • Family-friendly filters
  • Moderation
  • Text Filtering
  • Updated pause and settings menus

We’re also bringing in some top secret new features that are going to be included in The Jackbox Party Pack 9!

Do you have any ideas about which games we’re bringing to The Party Starter? Use #JackboxPartyStarter on Twitter to submit your guesses!

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