The Jackbox Party Starter Is Coming This Summer

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Since 2014, Jackbox Games has released a new Party Pack every year. Each subsequent Party Pack comes fully loaded with five unique games and new features. We’re currently up to eight Party Packs, and our experts have confirmed that means that we’re up to 40 games from these Packs.

With so many games on our roster, one question we often get asked is: “Where do I even start!?” 

Some would consider the first iteration of The Jackbox Party Pack to be a good starting point, or maybe our most recent Party Pack. All of our Party Packs have a little something for everyone, but in an effort to make the decision-making process as simple as possible, we’ve endeavored to create the ultimate party starter.


The Jackbox Party Starter

This year, we’re releasing a collection of three previously released, yet newly updated games from our roster that are sure to be a hit at any party, event, or game night. 

The Jackbox Party Starter is the answer to the question, “Which Jackbox game should we play if we’re new to Jackbox?” It’s the game you pop on when nothing else is on TV. It’s the light to your sparkler and the sugar to your cookies. 

With this new release, we’ll also be updating these games with localizations in French, Italian, Spanish, and German in addition to the English that you all know and love. You can currently play Quiplash 2 InterLASHional and Drawful 2 in these language options, and we’re exploring more ways to share the games that we love with a broader audience.

With over 40 released games, you must be wondering, which three will be included in The Jackbox Party Starter? This information will be coming soon as we ramp up to our planned launch in Summer 2022

Until then, keep those guesses coming using #JackboxPartyStarter on Twitter! Follow us to stay up to date on the latest releases.

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