Best St. Patrick’s Day Party Games 2023

St. Patrick's day quiplash

Looking for some pure gold St. Patrick’s Day party games for you and your friends? Lucky you! You’ve found your proverbial four leaf clover with this blog. Beyond playing the four greenest Jackbox party games, we’ve got a treasure trove of ideas and game suggestions for you.

Present hilarious impromptu speeches while playing Talking Points… St. Patty’s style

After you’ve guzzled down some green beveraginos, amp up the fun on your St. Patrick’s Day party with a game or three of Talking Points. In Talking Points, you’ll be challenged to deliver a speech on a topic suggested by other players in the game. You’ll be aided by a slideshow, which is controlled by another player.

Want to St. Patti-fy it? Challenge your friends to deliver their speeches in their best Irish accents. May the road rise up to meet you.

Draw your own pot of gold with Drawful: Animate

You might not be at your peak drawing potential after pounding some corned beef and cabbage, but no one expects you to be while playing Drawful: Animate. This party game is perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration with your group of friends. Each player will be given a wild prompt and two frames to illustrate it. 

Put a St. Patrick’s Day spin on Drawful: Animate by challenging each player to incorporate a hidden four leaf clover in their drawing. First person to spot it gets a prize (more corned beef).

Prepare for the parade with a round of Tee K.O. 

It’s easy to lose your friends in a crowd, but harder to lose them if you all have matching t-shirts. Harder yet if those matching t-shirts all have a poorly drawn image of a leprechaun with the caption “Daddy’s angel.” Prepare for the big St. Patrick’s Day parade with a round of Tee K.O.. You’ll each provide drawings and phrases for others to cobble into hilariously weird t-shirt ideas. And the best part? You can order those shirts at the end of the game. 

For St. Patrick’s Day, make sure your players are all choosing to design green shirts, or prepare to get pinched.

Test your luck in The Wheel of Enormous Proportions

Feeling smart AND lucky? Then it’s time to bust out The Wheel of Enormous Proportions – our part-trivia, part-luck party game from The Jackbox Party Pack 8. Answer challenging trivia questions on a variety of topics, and then spin the wheel for a chance to earn points and win the game.

Pre-game for the night out with a round of Quiplash 3

Pump up the energy with a game of Quiplash 3! You and your crew will write your funniest responses to prompts, which will go head-to-head in battle (a much safer brawl than the kind you might see out at a pub on St. Pat’s).

Challenge yourself to make your answers all St. Patrick’s Day related, or raise the stakes by adding some pre-game rules for the losing opponent each round.


We’ve got a variety of party games to choose from. Find the right party games for your group size, check out our picks for a family-friendly game night, or learn how to play remotely for your virtual St. Patrick’s Day party. 

We’d love to see your hilarious Jackbox memories from St. Patrick’s Day! Tag us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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