New Custom Thanksgiving Episodes for Quiplash 3 and Drawful: Animate

Quiplash 3 Thanksgiving custom episode prompt

Nothing pairs better with mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie than some hilarious Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) party games. Whether you’re celebrating in person or remotely, Jackbox Games titles are a great post-dessert activity sure to appease the crowd. 

We have a ton of party games appropriate for the occasion. Check out some of our family-friendly game picks for your Thanksgiving party, impress your friends with our latest release: The Jackbox Party Pack 8, or read on to learn about custom Thanksgiving-themed episodes of Quiplash 3 and Drawful: Animate.

Get Basted with this custom episode of Drawful: Animate

Work off that turkey hangover with a Thanksgiving episode of Drawful: Animate. You can find “let’s get basted” in the featured content section of the Drawful: Animate settings menu. 

The seven-digit code for this custom Thanksgiving episode is HYC-YWSF. The first player (or VIP) to enter the Drawful: Animate lobby will see an “Episodes Menu” button. In order to play this episode, they should hit that button, and then enter the code, and press submit. 

Boom! You’re ready to start animating Thanksgiving. 

Get Thanksquipping in Quiplash 3

Challenge your friends and family to a pumpkin-spiced head-to-head battle of wits with this custom episode of Quiplash 3. This Thanksgiving party game will challenge you to complete prompts like “Grandma upgraded her gravy boat to a gravy ____” and “Step aside, Santa! Say hello to the cool new Thanksgiving mascot: ____”. 

“Thanksquipping” can be loaded from the featured content menu of Quiplash 3. The code for this custom episode is NZT-QYYJ. See above for more detailed instructions on loading custom episodes, or check out this blog for instructions on creating your own! 

We hope these custom Thanksgiving party games will help you celebrate, whether you’re gathering in person, or celebrating over a screen. And we’d love to see funny moments from your game night! Follow us on social media and tag us in your posts with screenshots and pics from your Thanksgiving games. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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