You Can Now Purchase T-Shirts With Drawings from Drawful 2!

Did you hear? We took a fan-favorite Tee K.O. feature and applied it to Drawful 2, too!

What is this feature you ask? Well, after you play either Tee K.O. or Drawful 2, you have the ability to actually purchase real-life t-shirts featuring your in-game creations. Now, your drawfully awful art can live on in infamy!

Wear your new shirt to a bridal shower! A picnic with friends! A bat mitzvah! A first date!

(Who are we kidding? Right now you can only wear it to your Zoom meetings! But still!)

Here’s how to order a Drawful 2 (or Tee K.O.) t-shirt: 

Step 1. Using the same browser you used to play the game, go to (This process will not work if you’re in a different browser or you’ve cleared your cookies)

Step 2. Within, click on the hamburger icon in the top left corner.

Step 3. Click on “Past Games” 

Step 4. Choose your Drawful 2 round. 

Step 5. Click on the t-shirt + dollar sign icon to move forward with your purchase.

There may be slight shipping delays due to COVID-19 depending on your location. If you experience any issues with your order, you can always submit a ticket here

Once you receive your shirt, we’d love to see a pic of you rocking it! Tag us in your post @jackboxgames on Twitter or Facebook and @playjackboxgames on Instagram. And remember, use your colors!

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