Check Out The New T-Shirt and Drawing Colors in Tee K.O.

T-Shirt Island just got more colorful! When you play Tee K.O., you will have even more color options for shirts and drawing than before with no additional purchase necessary.

Our new color option for t-shirts is BLUE! Have you heard of blue before? It’s a pretty cool color selected specifically to highlight your big, brown eyes. These blue t-shirts will earn you the compliments of every Dave, Beverly, and Tim in your office during Casual Friday.

The fun doesn’t stop there. In addition to choosing blue t-shirts as your Tee K.O. canvas, you can also switch up your drawings with two new colors! Add brown and purple to your mental arsenal when crafting Tee K.O. masterpieces. Think of all of the grapes and poop emoji t-shirts that will be born from this choice. To say we’re excited is an understatement.

As always, you’ll be able to order your t-shirt creations in real life after you finish a game. Just go to and click on the hamburger menu icon in the upper left. Then click on “Past Games” to view the gallery from your Tee K.O. game (galleries will disappear if you’ve cleared your browser cache). From there, you’ll be able to share your creations on social media or make a t-shirt purchase.

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