The Jackbox Party Pack 8 Finally Has a Release Date!

The Jackbox Party Pack 8 Logo

You’ve been asking and asking us: “when is the next Party Pack coming out?” “what’s the release date for The Jackbox Party Pack 8?” and “what even is an 8, a sideways infinity sign or a weird butt?”. And we’ve been telling you that all butts are beautiful, and that we’ll shout the release date from the rooftops as soon as we know.

Well, as it turns out, surprisingly hard to find a tall enough rooftop to tell absolutely everyone, especially when at least part of marketing is afraid of heights. We considered climbing the Bean to shout it from there, but apparently that’s “illegal”, “against the artist’s wishes” and “very slippery”. So while we couldn’t expense renting a King Kong costume to cling to the top of the Hancock Building, everybody lean in close: we’re about to drop the announcement you’ve been impatiently waiting for right here and now, at ground level.

Wait just a moment while everyone who started up several flights of stairs towards a rooftop comes back down…wait for it…okay, phew, now we’ve all gotten leg day in, here we go…The Jackbox Party Pack 8 will be available on major digital platforms starting October 14, 2021! [slightly winded but highly enthusiastic celebrating]

What do you have to look forward to in The Jackbox Party Pack 8? Well, you can ascend a mountain to receive life-changing wisdom from The Wheel of Enormous Proportions in exchange for your obscure knowledge; plumb the depths of a monster-filled cavern and your friends’ sandwich opinions in The Poll Mine; marvel at miraculously moving and confusing artwork in Drawful: Animate; face off to win an entry-level position with a “creative” application in Job Job; and both commit and solve nefarious and hilarious murders in the elite soiree that is Weapons Drawn.

And because we know you just can’t wait to play, you can pre-order The Jackbox Party Pack 8 Steam codes for PC/Mac/Linux right now via our shop, at a delectable 10% discount!

And until then, no one will judge you if you just watch the official trailer on loop. Side effects may include increased excitement for party games and cravings for delicious cake:

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