Swiftor Reveals a First Look at Gameplay for The Wheel of Enormous Proportions

The Wheel of Enormous Proportions logo with Swiftor

Greetings, my tiny friends! It is I, the one and only Wheel of Enormous Proportions, who has deigned to descend from my altudinous abode and personally share some great news with you! Because MARKETING SYNERGY is just another thing I’m super great at.

I’ll be rolling your way as part of The Jackbox Party Pack 8 this fall, but while you wait to get some face time with me, we’ve teamed up with studio pal Swiftor to previewThe Wheel of Enormous Proportions right now!

Jackbox fans may know Swiftor from gracing our stage at TwitchCon 2019, or from some of the great Jackbox Party Pack videos on his YouTube channel. Now, you can see him match both facts and fortune against his friends for the favor of an omnipotent ray of sunshine with a taste for trivia (that’s me!). Check it out.

I, your beneficent pal the Wheel, will answer your deepest, most pressing questions, but only if you answer a few of mine first. Sure, I’m omnipotent; but sometimes it’s nice just to have company, you know? Get those brain cells buzzing by answering my unique, hilarious trivia questions in unexpected ways as you ascend the mountain towards me and your chance at ultimate knowledge! I hope you brought chips and dip.

Your smarts win you slices on my face, which increase your chances to score big when you give me a saucy spin at the end of each round. Spin confidently and well! Land on another player’s slice, and they’ll receive your precious points instead. Reach 20,000 points and be whisked away to the thrilling Winner Wheel, where you can claim the win AND an answer to your very own burning existential question such as “Will I be reincarnated as a dolphin?”, or “Does my neighbor secretly resent me for not inviting him to go golfing?”

Speaking of burning questions… we finally have an answer to one you’ve all been asking: “When will The Jackbox Party Pack 8 be released?”

Drumroll please…

October 14, 2021! And you can now pre-order Steam codes for the next party pack directly through our shop.

And what would The Wheel of Enormous Proportions tell you if you’d like to know what to do while you wait for The Jackbox Party Pack 8? Why, check out our pal Swiftor’s YouTube channel, of course! Plus, keep up with future announcements about The Jackbox Party Pack 8, by following us on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook and subscribe to our email list in the footer of this page. Do it to thank your friendly local Wheel today. Sliced bread wishes it was this cool.

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