Learn More About Featured Content in Quiplash 3

Have you ever wondered what that “Featured Content” button is on the menu screen of Quiplash 3?

Well, let me tell you. It’s the excuse you’ve been waiting for to play Quiplash at every. single. event.

Still have questions? 

This section (accessible in the lobby menu under “Featured Content” before you start a round) holds all the themed episodes that liven up your game night with topic specific prompts. Take a look at what’s currently available on Quiplash 3 below, because we might have just solved all of your group gathering conundrums.


The parade is over, your favorite dog has won big, and you’ve just woken up from a turkey induced nap. Now what? Gather your family and friends around their devices and play a festive Thanksgiving themed episode everyone will gobble up! (Dad jokes approved.)

Quip or Treat

Are you celebrating Halloween too late into November, or are you just preparing really early for next year’s Halloween? Who’s to say? If your group is creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, and/or altogether ooky— pop on this themed episode and enjoy.

Break That Ice

Virtual team building and book club happy hours all have one problem, and it’s not the mute button. Solve all of those awkward silences and tepid conversations with an episode of Quiplash 3 which is guaranteed to start at least one inside joke.

Happily Ever Laughter

There’s only one way to rally all of those bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, best ladies, men of honor, and dog ring bearers. It’s Quiplash 3. The Happily Ever Laughter episode is custom built to make instant best friends out of basic strangers.

Kids Only! Stay Out!

If you think cooties are gross and dinosaurs are awesome, you’re in the right place. This episode is just for kids, but we will also allow kids at heart (if they ask nicely). Grab another juicebox, your bedtime just got extended.

Set Course for Sci-Fi

There’s no wrong time to push your party up to warp speed. Get your Kubrick quips ready, because the only Gene in this episode is Roddenberry.

Make sure to check in periodically. New themes are released throughout the year! You can even play our games remotely, so there’s no reason to have a boring Zoom call ever again.

Inspired by featured content and interested in creating your own Quiplash episodes? Learn how to write your own custom prompts here! 

Wait, you don’t own Quiplash 3 yet? No wonder you had so many questions. No problem, check it out here.

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