Introducing Champ’d Up: Slam Down

We have some exciting news to share with you. As of today, those glorious champions you create in Champ’d Up can be turned into their own unique player card game! That’s right. We made a digital game that automatically spawns a card game and we’re calling it Champ’d Up: Slam Down

Here’s how it works:

Once you finish a game of Champ’d Up, visit the post-game gallery where you will see the option to turn your game’s most popular champions into their own pack of playing cards. From there, you’re only a few clicks away from opening a beautiful pack of cards that you and your friends made. Or don’t open them. It’ll probably appreciate its value that way. 

But, in case you don’t want to eventually sell your mint condition cards at auction, here’s a brief overview of the gameplay. 

Since procedurally-generated card games are new to us, we teamed up with talented game designer Sam Strick who has a lot of experience in the tabletop world. We admittedly gave Sam a tough assignment. His objective was to design a unique two-player card game that was easy to grasp yet complex enough so that an average game would last around 10-15 minutes. Oh, and there’s only a pack of 18 cards to work with… and he had to do all of this while tied up to a chair. Given those constraints, we think you’ll be very pleased with what he came up with!

Okay, so how does the game work?

In Champ’d Up: Slam Down, each player takes the role of a trainer, a legendary creator of champs who has their own special skill. The goal, like anything in life, is to defeat your opponent. 

Players share a deck of champs (the creations you made in the digital game). But we’re not in the Scrawlisieum anymore, so these characters must rely on their new set of abilities. Take turns recruiting champs to your bench, sending them into the ring to fight, and using their abilities to overcome your opponent.

You can find the full instructions and more info here

Will you become the Champion of the Card Game? Order a pack and find out!  

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