How to Make Your Wedding-Related Parties Actual Parties with Jackbox Games

Congrats, you’ve made it through Q3 of wedding season! You may think you’re out of the non-air-conditioned-outdoor-ceremony-in-the-summer woods and you’d be right. However, we’ve almost made it around the horn back to proposal time. You, my friend, are at risk of getting invited to no less than seven engagement parties. And then the couples showers. Before you know it, it’s June and you’ve forgotten which Groom you’re patting on the back!

You need party games in this moment. You don’t have to be stuck in matrimonial monotony! You have a duty to yourself and to other wedding attendees to slowly infiltrate the wedding planning process with digital party games, available on multiple platforms that use mobile devices as controllers!

(If you’re not familiar with how our games are played, we recommend watching this quick video first!)

Here are a few different wedding scenarios, vastly improved by a dose of Jackbox Games:

Engagement Parties: Engagement parties are basically normal parties but with one huddle up where the couple tells the proposal story and thanks everyone for coming. Before the father of the bride or the intoxicated best-man-to-be launches into an awkward preview of their wedding toast, it’s the PERFECT TIME to play a Quiplash 2 round, customized to the couple! Here’s a guide to creating custom episodes of our games.

Wedding Shower: The “Who Has the Most Stuff in Their Purse” scavenger hunt game is an old and semi-awkward favorite, but you know what else is an old favorite? Good old-fashioned trivia. Please crowds of all ages with a round of Fibbage 3 or You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream (coming soon in The Jackbox Party Pack 5) instead! You get an excuse to be on your phone and Aunt Maude gets an excuse to show everyone how smart she really is.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party: Did you know you can create custom episodes of Drawful 2? The game where players receive a nonsensical prompt and then have to draw out their best interpretation of it? Yes, you can put in any prompt you want. Someone has to draw it. And then everyone else has to guess what it is. We’ll just leave this section header and this description here to do what you will with it. (Drawful 2 custom episodes work in the same way Quiplash 2 custom episodes work!)

Rehearsal Dinners: Weddings are about families coming together and nothing bonds two groups together like a rap battle with robots using text-to-speech! In Mad Verse City, from The Jackbox Party Pack 5, even bland verses are funny when performed in text-to-speech. Heck, why not use this as a testing ground for wedding toast jokes before reception night?

We’ve given you the tools, Wedding Participant! Now get some Jackbox Games, get out there and infiltrate help! Weddings are all about planning ahead, so pre-order The Jackbox Party Pack 5 today for your PC/Mac now ahead of its October 17th release.

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