Get a First Look at an Early Version of Job Job With Our Friends At Smosh Games

Earlier this year, Job Job was the first game we announced in The Jackbox Party Pack 8! Ahead of its release later this fall, we partnered with our friends at Smosh Games to give you a first look at gameplay footage from Job Job. (They played through an early version of the game, so you’ll notice some areas we’re still polishing up ahead of release!)

In Job Job, you use other people’s scrambled-up sentences to create hilarious answers to job interview questions. Watch the video below as your host, M. Bubbles, walks you through the interview process! 

Our buddies at Smosh always do an awesome job (JOB) showing off work-in-progress versions of our games. Give these videos of Talking Points and Joke Boat a gander if you haven’t already. Thanks, Smosh!

Want to watch more Job Job gameplay? During our live Twitch show, The Jackbox Party Club, we played through an early build of Job Job with game director Brooke Breit. Watch here.

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