Celebrate Spring Break 2023 with Some Hilarious Party Games

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Whether you’ve prepared for a full week of beachside debauchery with 200 of your closest friends, or plan to stay on campus for spring break, Jackbox party games can help you celebrate accordingly. 

Find the right party game for your crew, and shop Spring Break sales now!

Which Party Pack should we play?

With several Party Packs full of hilarious games, there’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone in your crew. 

If your spring break crew is rolling deep, you might want to check out our latest release, The Jackbox Party Pack 9. This Party Pack has five games, some of which can be played with up to 10 players. Stir up some drama with a game of the reality-tv inspired party game, Roomerang or divide into teams and test your trivia skills with a game of Quixort.

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 is an excellent choice for small or large groups. Blather ’Round is a fun guessing game option for a small gathering, supporting two-six players. Quiplash 3 can be played with as few as three players and as many as eight (with the ability for others to join the audience and vote on their favorite answers).

In any Party Pack you’ll find a variety of party games: drawing games, social deduction games, trivia games and funny word games. Take a look here for a list of all our games and their player counts.

How do we play these hilarious spring break party games?

Only one person in your group needs to own the game, and everyone else just needs a device (phone, laptop or tablet) to use as a controller. Our games are available on major platforms including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. They are also available for Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. Many people choose to purchase and play our games on Steam, which is a great option for anyone with a PC or Mac. 

You’ll need an internet connection to connect to the Jackbox servers and start a game. Once a game has been started, a room code will appear on the screen. Everyone should go to jackbox.tv on their device and enter the room code in order to get started.

Boom, you’re ready!

Where can I buy a Party Pack?

You can find all of our Party Packs on the Jackbox Games website, with links to various platforms for purchase. You can buy Steam codes from the official Jackbox Games shop (U.S. only) or from Steam directly (international). 

Check out these Spring Break sales on Party Packs:

Steam Codes (Windows/Mac/Linux)

We resell Steam keys in our official shop for customers in the United States! You can also purchase directly from the Steam store itself, if you prefer or for international orders, but the sales may differ. Interested in playing remotely? This is our recommended platform!

JackboxGames.com Spring Break Sale | March 10th – March 24th

Steam | March 16th – March 23rd

All available Jackbox Games soundtracks are also 50% off!

Nintendo Switch | March 16th – March 30th

PlayStation Games Under $20 Sale | March 15th – March 29th

PlayStation Spring Sale | March 29th – April 12th

Xbox April Fun Sale | March 31st – April 6th

Steam codes for all Party Packs and standalone titles are on sale now in the official Jackbox Games shop until 3/30/23 (U.S. only).


We’d love to see your hilarious Jackbox memories from Spring Break! Tag us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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