Best Jackbox Party Games for Your Group of Five

So you’ve got a group of five people, and you’re choosing to play Jackbox Games. Sounds like you’re the cool one in the friend group! Or at least you’re about to be.

Here’s all you need to dazzle your friends in your latest gaming session: a board-certified* list of the best Jackbox Games to play with five people:

*Disclaimer: Please don’t ask about the board that certified this or I will be fired for making up establishments to prove my point again. 

PUSH THE BUTTON – The Jackbox Party Pack 6

I’m sure you’ve played that popular alien imposter game. You know, the one where you’re trapped on a spaceship, one of you is a bit sus, and you have to vote on who the alien is after doing a series of tasks? Oh, so you have played it! That’s great, Push the Button is the ONE AND ONLY alien imposter game, and it’s great to hear so many people have played it!

I trust you all, and so does DODE, the friendly ship assistant that will die a horrible death if you don’t get it right. Luckily you’ll have a chance to weed out the imposter in a series of drawing and writing prompts. The alien can still blend in, however, if they’re good. So… yeah, good luck with all that!

Push the Button is perfect for playing with a group of five, as it gives you the ability to sway the vote to your side and banish that alien imposter into deep space. All you need is a majority and an undying vendetta against one of your crewmates, and you can pass judgment like you’re licensed to do so. Just make sure you’re positive who the alien is when you vote–when you push that button, there’s no going back! There’s only one vote in this game, unlike other alien imposter games that may or may not exist.

BIDIOTS – The Jackbox Party Pack 2

This next one is for all of you gambling addicts out there. Can I get a WOOT WOOT (and possibly borrow five bucks)?

Bid on your fellow players’ art to your heart’s content in Bidiots, and then bid even more if you’d like! Our friends at Predatory Loans are standing by to give you money you don’t need or deserve for almost no consequence. It’s every gambler’s dream, and you get to roll the dice on a bunch of terrible art pieces that may or may not have value. I like those odds!

Buyers will whisper insider knowledge to you about which pieces to purchase for huge profits. Unfortunately, it all kind of depends on the artistic ability of your fellow players, and… well… I’ve seen your Tee K.O. drawings. The good news is a group of five provides the perfect amount of bidding chaos in Bidiots, and you’re sure to have a blast roasting your friends’ art as well as making your own.

WEAPONS DRAWN – The Jackbox Party Pack 8

Have you ever wanted to murder your friends? Of course you have! Now’s your chance, in the murder mystery game Weapons Drawn.

Weapons Drawn will have the group drawing murder weapons and starting conversations about your desensitization to violence. Ok, that second part is optional, but it might come up, depending on how brutally you kill your friends’ accomplices! And with murder weapons ranging from rubber chickens to weird swords (you’ll be deciding just HOW weird), you’re sure to see some beautifully strange murders. Social interaction is crucial in this game, and five players is the perfect number to get a conversation going about whom you’d like to investigate for… dun… dun…dun… MURDER!

Work together to find a suspect and send them down the river for their crimes. You’ll need to use your analytical ability (feel free to use that term on your resume) to zoom in close on drawings and uncover killers’ calling cards. Oh, and you’ll also need to keep secretly killing your friends’ accomplices while all of this is going on. It’s a real rollercoaster, man…

FAKIN’ IT – The Jackbox Party Pack 3

Fakin’ It is a great option for a group of five people who know each other pretty well. Which is cool for you, because we only know like two people.

The only thing funnier than embarrassing your friends is doing it publicly! Fakin’ It provides you with that exact opportunity. The game will ask your group questions such as “Who eats peanut butter straight out of the jar with a spoon?” Everyone will of course raise their hands to respond in the affirmative (so good, am I right?) except the faker, who will get no prompt. Instead, the faker will have to guess how to respond based on others’ behavior and lie if they’re caught admitting to something strange.

This leads to some real shenanigans, and when there are five people in the room, the game achieves perfect balance.

FIBBAGE 3 – The Jackbox Party Pack 4

All right, so that’s a  lot of options for the social crowd, but what about us socially challenged folks? (Now can I get a WOOT WOOT? Or at least a sad sigh of solidarity?) Sometimes you just want to sit back, relax and lie your little booty off. That’s where Fibbage 3 comes in.

You might know Fibbage already: You get a strange fact and must insert something fake into it to trick your friends. Simple premise, right? Well that’s where you’re WRONG. Here’s where everything you knew about Fibbage changes in Fibbage 3. (Ok, nah I’m lying to get you into the spirit of the game. That was fun, right?)

There is one big change for the third iteration though: You can make up lies about each other! “Fibbage: Enough About You” is an entirely different game mode that lets players change facts about the people they’re playing with and guess what’s true or not–just like high school! Your group of five players will question everything they know about each other, so there is much fun to be had. 

And that’s it! If these games appeal to you, please consider buying them on your platform of choice. (There’s a link to our store below.)  And if you disagree with these picks, please consider keeping that to yourself so I don’t get in trouble….


So long! We’d love to see screenshots and pictures of your game night! Tag us on TwitterFacebookInstagram and TikTok.

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