The Jackbox Party Pack 10 Is Coming This Fall

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If you don’t know that we’ve been releasing Party Packs since 2014, then You Don’t Know Jack

Each year, Jackbox produces a Party Pack with five hilarious party games that can be played at your office happy hour, during family holidays, or over Discord with your college buddies. Our team works tirelessly to create games that allow you the opportunity to be creative, funny, intelligent, and make wild amounts of fart jokes. Almost 250 million Jackbox games have been started just in the past 2 years! We’ve created something truly special with the Party Pack franchise.

So, what’s next? Well…

The Jackbox Party Pack 10 is coming this fall. Thanks to our fans, friends, and team members who helped us make this very special announcement!

We plan to release The Jackbox Party Pack 10 on major platforms in fall of 2023. We’re excited for players to be able to enjoy this new pack of party games in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. 

Celebrating 10 Party Packs

Our 10th Party Pack is a huge milestone for us! Our company has grown in ways we couldn’t have conceived when making a potato-themed word game for the first Party Pack. 

Each of the Party Packs are full of special memories that we want to share with our fans. So leading up to the release of The Jackbox Party Pack 10, we’re highlighting one Party Pack per month. 

What does that mean? Each month, we’ll be sharing behind the scenes tidbits from the development process of the Party Pack we’re highlighting. We’ll also be hosting a special livestream each month featuring members of the development team. Take a look at our blog featuring The Jackbox Party Pack in January.

Along with this, we’ll also be heavily discounting Steam codes for the Pack of the Month in the official Jackbox Games shop. Complete your Party Pack collection during this celebration! 

What’s coming to The Jackbox Party Pack 10?!

Five new party games!

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing details about the five games we’re building for our tenth Party Pack. Later in the year, we’ll invite some of our friends to show off gameplay. We also plan to share some behind the scenes development insight with you while we build this pack during Inside The Box streams, so make sure you follow us on Twitch and YouTube!

The best way to make sure you’re seeing information about the games coming to The Jackbox Party Pack 10 as well as all of our Party Pack celebrations is by following us on social media. Keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok so you don’t miss important updates!

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