We’re Giving Away Drawful 2 for Free for Three Weeks


To put it mildly, this is a difficult time for everyone. The silver lining has been seeing so many people sharing our games while on video calls with family and friends. Our games have always been about bringing people together and the fact that they are being played in this way to help people cope is comforting.

We want to help make it easier for people to experience these moments of connection and happiness during a dark period. For this reason, we’ve decided to give away Drawful 2 for free for the next three weeks.

Beginning today, March 20th, Drawful 2 is available in the Steam store (Windows/Mac/Linux), for Xbox One, and for Apple TV. We were also able to make Drawful 2 99% off in the Nintendo eShop for Switch in the United States.

We don’t sell our games directly for most platforms. We are in active communication with other platforms to see if we can make it free on their stores in the coming weeks. We will keep our site and social media channels updated as this free offering becomes available in more stores.

We hope that this can be helpful to you and your loved ones right now! We will also be extending the current sale of Steam codes in our U.S.-only shop through the rest of the month.

In addition to playing in your home with your family, Drawful 2 and our other games can work remotely with a few easy steps.  Check out this blog post for info on how to play over video conferencing or streaming platforms.

If you do start a remote game with friends, please tag us on social media! We’d love to hear from you @jackboxgames on Twitter and Facebook and @playjackboxgames on Instagram

We are also committed to streaming unhosted games that you can play along with live on our Twitch and YouTube channels on most days. Follow us so you’re in the loop when we go live!

Stay safe. You’re in our thoughts.

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