The Countdown is On! Here’s the Trailer and Release Dates for The Jackbox Party Pack 5!

You asked once! You asked twice! Then you lost interest for awhile! Then you asked 135,412 more times! Finally, we can share the info you’ve been waiting for.

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 will be released on Tuesday, October 16th for PS4. Just a short 24 hours later on Wednesday, October 17th, it will be available on all platforms, including Xbox, Steam (PC/Mac), Nintendo Switch, Comcast Xfinity, Apple TV and Mac App/iPad. Just in time for your ill-advised Halloween shenanigans!

Don’t rely on your already over-stuffed brain to remember these dates! Pre-order The Jackbox Party Pack 5 right now for your PC/Mac on our website here. We’ll notify you when your Steam code is redeemable upon the game’s release!

Still not totally sure what the The Jackbox Party Pack 5’s deal is? Let this brand-new official trailer explain:

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