The Best Jackbox Games for Personalizing Your Game Night

Try these Jackbox titles to make your remote gaming sessions all about YOU and YOUR FRIENDS!

We’re comforted to see so many people combating the effects of social distancing by enjoying Jackbox titles like Quiplash, Fibbage, and Trivia Murder Party. But did you know that some of our games allow you to personalize your experience even more?

The following games were designed to help you prove just how much you know about the people you’re playing with:

Fibbage: Enough About You

If you’re playing Fibbage 3, you can switch it to Fibbage: Enough About You mode and all of the questions will be about the very people you are playing with! Let’s say you are playing a Zoom game with Jackbox Director and quarantine champion Ryan DiGiorgi (an expert on not going outside). Ryan, like all players, will get a question at the top of the game like “A title you wish your high school yearbook had given you” Ryan will enter his honest response: The Master of the Dance Floor

During the game, we will all see: “A title RYAN wished his high school yearbook had given him is ______.” And now it works like traditional Fibbage. Everybody who really loves him knows Ryan wants to be called The Master of the Dance Floor but to fool everyone else playing, you could enter the tempting but incorrect response: Most Handsome Boy. Players score if they recognize Ryan’s real response, and if you trick other players into picking your lie, you get points. Ryan also gets a “Reputation Bonus” every time a player sees into his heart and picks the right answer. 

The fibs come fast and furious in the final round. All players enter a lie and a truth about themselves, and everyone earns points by tricking the other players or any audience members who may be watching. Fibbage: Enough About You gives you a fun way to pierce previous perceptions about your pals and grow even closer, though you may be miles apart. 

Role Models

Another Jackbox title that shines the spotlight on you and your remote companions is Role Models, the game that lets you tell your dearest friends and loved ones exactly who they are by comparing them to things like the cast of Friends, facial hair, and farts.

Role Models takes place in a laboratory that turns social descriptions into a science and your friends into research subjects. Just choose a category, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then find the “role” in the category that matches each player, including yourself! For example, if you were playing with the cast of The Jackbox Party Club stream*, you could say Warren is Michelangelo because he is such a party dude, Ryan is clearly Raphael because he’s cool and a little rude, and Brooke has to be assigned Master Splinter because she’s the wisest rat person on the stream!

*Which you can totally do on Thursdays!

Custom Episodes of Drawful 2 and Quiplash 2

Drawful and Quiplash work really well remotely. Distance is not an obstacle where comedy and creativity are concerned. These games ask you to write hilarious responses or create kooky pictures based on fun prompts.

Drawful 2 and Quiplash 2 provide you with an opportunity to turn these games into unique community comedy based on inside jokes, because each of the games allow you to submit your own prompts. When I play with the other Jackbox writers, I can get them to draw a picture of Brooke Breit’s Secret Nightmare or write the slogan for Claire McFadden’s Jewelry Store, which of course is, “No, the other Claire’s!” Learn more about how to create custom episodes here

Other Ways to Make Game Night Unique

There are plenty of other Jackbox games that encourage you to benefit from knowing your friends and family. You may deliver personalized and rhyming burns in Mad Verse City or turn against people for personality inconsistencies in Push The Button.

You can also personalize other games with a few features:

Extended Timers – You can change the length of the timers to accommodate the speed of the players you are in remote channels with (especially helpful if you want to deliver a little smack talk on camera). 

Parental Controls – People who aren’t ready for more adult material like children or Jackbox CEO Mike Bilder can join remote sessions thanks to our family filters

Remote Play Tips This blog will give you suggestions for how to set up your game for remote play on the teleconferencing channel you have available to you. 

Social Sharing – Plenty of Jackbox Games give you an option to share your funniest moments online. If you have a particularly fun & unique moment, please send it to us on Instagram, Twitter, or just take a picture and email it to us! 

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