Responding to Your Questions from the Jackbox Customer Survey

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Earlier this summer, we asked our fans to share their questions and comments with us through our annual customer feedback survey. We were grateful to receive thousands of replies. If they were physically mailed, it’d look like the North Pole around here. Hearing from you helps inform how we start the party in the future!

One of our big takeaways every year is that many of the requests that come in through the survey have been addressed or are things we are working toward. We’re responding to some of the most frequent comments below. And, if you haven’t read one of our Reddit AMAs before, that’s another great way to hear directly from the developers themselves. Here are links to our AMAs from earlier this year or last year for starters.

Here are a few of our responses:

“It’d be so nice if there was a Jackbox megapicker.”

We agree. This has been requested for years and is something we continue to explore. Platforms like Amazon Luna get close to this experience, and it may be something we’re able to bring to PCs and Macs in the future. It’s unlikely that we’d be able to introduce something like this on console due to console restrictions and the significant technical hurdles it would pose. We never say never on this one – it’s just a big project to squeeze into our quick production cycle. In the meantime, this page breaks down our games, packs, and player counts pretty well and might be a useful reference guide to have pulled up during game night.

“I’d love to have more audio/content/moderation settings in place to customize my gaming experience.”

Many players who play our games regularly haven’t had the chance to open up the settings menu in the lobby (or during the game for Party Packs 8 & 9) to explore what customization options are available. In recent packs especially, there are different settings you can toggle on or off to change your audio experience. This is also where you can discover content settings like the family-friendly filter, extended timers, and many features that make your experience safer when playing in a public venue or during a livestream. Here’s an overview of recent settings in The Jackbox Party Pack 9 as a starting point. Our knowledge base is also a great resource to learn more about various settings options and we have a helpful tutorial video as well:

“I wish we could skip tutorials!”

Beginning in Pack 6 (and some games in earlier packs), most games allow you to skip the tutorial mode so you can get into the games faster. Look for the call to action (usually in the bottom corner of the games screen) to Skip Tutorials once they begin. The VIP, or the first person to join the game, will see this option to select on their controller.

If you’re playing with a new group and want to review the tutorials a few times before getting started, we also have many of our tutorial videos cut out of the game in a YouTube playlist here.

“How can I share my game idea with your team?”

It is super cool when fans come to us with ideas or concepts they’d like to see worked into the games we make. For legal reasons, we can’t accept any outside game concepts. If we see a sentence that starts like this, we don’t even read it. It’s nothing personal, just a way to protect the many, many ideas we generate internally. Perhaps someday we’ll have an opening on our jobs page that is a fit for you and we can hear your idea when you’re on the team.

“It’d be nice to bring this to my school, church group, or family reunion.”

We love that idea. We have some information created specifically for different settings that individuals or groups might find themselves in. Visit them below for specific tips and recommendations when planning your game night:

·  Jackbox for Students

·  Jackbox for Events

·  Jackbox for Workplaces

·  Jackbox for Streamers

·  Jackbox for Game Night

·  Jackbox for Families

“Why is there no eraser in games like Drawful?”

It’s called Dr-AWFUL for a reason. We don’t want these party games to always feel like a drawing competition (unless that’s the way you and your group wants to play or you’re a master from Drawfee). Sometimes the drawing error is part of the fun! We’ll take your requests for erasers into account for the future though!

“I’d love to see your games in even more languages.”

We would too. This is something we’re actively working on and have incorporated into Quiplash 2 InterLASHional, Drawful 2, and The Jackbox Party Starter. All of these titles are localized in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

“It’s frustrating when my phone gets disconnected during the game.”

We’re sorry for any issues you experience. We have a fix that works 90% of the time. When you get disconnected on your phone, don’t panic! On your phone’s browser, hit the refresh button and then “Reconnect” when it appears on your controller screen. This should let you back into the game without issue. Don’t change anything about your name or try to re-enter the game. This will lead to permanent disconnection.

“Jackbox should have more merch!”

We’re always on the hunt for more merch opportunities. If you haven’t checked out our line of merch with The Yetee yet, we recommend it. For the first time this year, we’re selling official Jackbox plush featuring the Drawful owl and M.Bubz from Job Job.

We also recommend paying attention to your controller after you play a Jackbox game. Many titles including Tee K.O., Champ’d Up, Drawful 2, The Devils and the Details, and more have post-game merch that you can buy directly from your phone after a round. Learn how to access your past game galleries here.

“Do you feature fanart on your site or social media channels?”

We do periodically feature fanart that is appropriate for all ages on our site and social media channels! Our active Discord community is also a great place to share your work. Use #jackboxfanart on Twitter or Instagram if you want it to be noticed by our team. We will always include attribution if we feature your work.  

“Why aren’t you updating older titles to have newer features?”

It’s a lot of work to update older titles across the many platforms we’re available on. Still, we’ve recently done this with games like Drawful 2. If you haven’t checked it out already, we bundled three fan favorite Jackbox titles and gave them a facelift with new features, settings, and localization. It’s called The Jackbox Party Starter and includes updated versions of Tee K.O., Trivia Murder Party 2, and Quiplash 3. It’s the perfect gift for someone completely new to the Jackbox Party Pack franchise.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list of all of the questions and comments we received. If you don’t already, following us on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, or Discord is the key to staying in the loop as we share more updates and continue to respond to your thoughts.  Our DMs are open. We always welcome your feedback.

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