New Features in The Jackbox Party Pack 6

Sure, you’ve heard that The Jackbox Party Pack 6 contains five original side-splitting party games for young and old to enjoy, but did you also know it boasts new feature additions to each game’s settings menu that’ll let you fully customize your party experience? It’s true! Let’s look at each of them right now, shall we?


Are you hard of hearing, or know someone who is? Do you regularly play our games at noisy parties, on chaotic live streams, or inside a tornado simulator at your local science museum? You’ll no longer have to miss out on all the instructions and wisecracks, thanks to subtitle support in every Party Pack 6 game.


Want an extra layer of control over who joins your game while you’re streaming? You now have the option to require a password to join. Passwords are generated randomly when you turn on the setting and displayed at the top of the Settings menu. Anyone with the game’s room code can join as an audience member, but only those with the password can join as a player, meaning you can share the password with just your mods, subs, or anyone else you want, while still leaving the audience open to everyone.


For our friends outside the States, Trivia Murder Party 2 now features a toggle to reduce the number of questions that focus on USA trivia and pop culture. You’ll still probably see some decidedly American things in the game (our writers are American, we can’t help it!), but this should at least reduce the number of times you throw something at your TV and curse us out in perfect French.

All of these features can be enabled or disabled in each game’s settings menu, along with our standard assortment of handy toggles for Audience Mode, Twitch Requirement, and Extended Timers. It’s like we always say at Jackbox: Game Your Way™. What’s that? We’ve never said that? Well, we’re starting right now.

The Jackbox Party Pack 6 will be available on major digital platforms on Thursday, October 17th! Mark your calendars now and get ahead of the game by pre-ordering now at for a 17% discount.

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