Mini Q&A with Job Job Game Director Brooke Breit

Brooke Breit director of Job Job

Brooke Breit directed Job Job, one of five games in The Jackbox Party Pack 8. To celebrate the launch of this game on October 14, we asked Brooke to share a little insight behind-the-scenes.

Who was on this design team, and what were their roles in creating this game?

DIRECTOR – Brooke Breit

PRODUCER – Laura La Vito



LEAD ARTIST – Owen Watson

AUDIO LEAD – Brian Chard


QA LEAD – Allison Flom

This was our main design team but there are so many other individuals that contributed to making Job Job (please watch the credits at the end of all the games!).

What was your favorite part of working on this game?

The team was incredible and many aspects of the final game came out of team conversations. For instance, the office being inhabited by anthropomorphic office furniture was not the very first idea, but it was the one we organically discovered together. I’m not saying originally it might have been bees, but it might have been bees.

What are you most excited about people experiencing?

I love the fact that you can use just about any word on your controller in your answers. Also, there’s a joy in seeing people realize how to play after the first round and then really hit the ground running.

Are there any behind-the-scenes production moments or funny screenshots you’d like to share?

Before we had a prototype, we tested the game by cutting, copying, and pasting words into a shared doc, and then we shared the answers via slideshow.

Some answers from these early playtests became mantras for the team, including our personal favorite “goat arms and ice cream hips” (which I think was someone’s answer to what their ideal power outfit would be).

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