Memorial Day Weekend Sales Guide

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Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor members of U.S. military personnel who lost their lives while serving the United States armed forces. This is a day of coming together and celebrating the brave men and women who have risked their lives defending our country. Whether you’re having a small gathering with close friends and family or hosting a BBQ for the whole neighborhood, here are some of our tips for connecting with loved ones this weekend.

What are my gaming options?

Now with nine Party Packs to choose from, there are games for parties of all types and sizes!

If you don’t know where to start, we made a pack just for you! The Jackbox Party Starter has three of our most popular games all in the same pack. Quiplash 3 is a great way to show off your comedy skills as you go head to head to write the funniest response to a wacky prompt. Tee K.O. is a hilarious drawing game where you create fun t-shirts out of your own drawings. You can also purchase your creations and all Tee K.O. t-shirts are also 15% off from 5/25-6/1! Finally, Trivia Murder Party 2 is a competitive trivia game where you have to fight to survive difficult questions and mini-games.

If you have a larger group, you should check out our newest release, The Jackbox Party Pack 9! This Party Pack has five games, some of which can be played with up to 10 players. If your group loves reality tv shows (or the drama that comes with it) you can ham it up with Roomerang. You could also divide the party into teams and test your trivia skills with a game of Quixort!

In any Party Pack you’ll find a variety of party games: drawing games, social deduction games, trivia games and funny word games. Take a look here for a list of all our games and their player counts.

How do we play these party games?

Only one person in your group needs to own the game, and everyone else just needs a device (phone, laptop or tablet) to use as a controller. Our games are available on major platforms including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. They are also available for Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. Many people choose to purchase and play our games on Steam, which is a great option for anyone with a PC or Mac. 

You’ll need an internet connection to connect to the Jackbox servers and start a game. Once a game has been started, a room code will appear on the screen. Everyone should go to a web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.) type in on their device and enter the room code in order to get started.

You should be all set up! If you have any additional questions check out our blog here or if you want to know how to play remotely check out here

Where can I purchase these games?

All of our games can be found here with links to their respective platforms. We also resell Steam keys in our official Jackbox Games shop for customers in the United States and Canada! You can also purchase directly from the Steam store itself, if you prefer or for international orders, but the sales may differ.

What sales are happening? | May 25th – June 1st

Steam | May 25th – June 1st

All available Jackbox Games soundtracks are also 50% off!

Nintendo Switch | May 18th – June 1st

Epic Games | May 18th – June 15th

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