Jackbox Games Black Friday Sale Guide 2020

We can be sure of three things during the Thanksgiving holiday season, regardless of what year it is in the Common Era:

  1. Many of us want to find ways to connect with loved ones.
  2. Many of us will likely spend at least a few milliseconds pondering what we’re thankful for from the previous year.

There’s not much we can know for sure during Thanksgiving this year, it’s true. May we be so bold as to guarantee the following?

  1. We are going to find ways to connect with loved ones in our household or virtually this year.
  2. Here at Jackbox Games, we’re REALLY thankful for our fans, who have helped us power through the past few months.

There’s no better time of year to get brand new party games at a discount, which you can play with friends near and dear or far and bizarre. Read on for some limited-time-only deals happening during Black Friday (which is essentially a 12 day extravaganza now) to help get your virtual and/or socially distanced party started.

The links below will only reflect the sale price for when the sale is live in that platform’s store. Exact time each day may vary.

Steam Codes (Windows/Mac/Linux)

We resell Steam keys in our official shop for customers in the United States! You can also purchase directly from the Steam store itself, if you prefer or for international orders, but the sales may differ. Interested in playing remotely? This is our recommended platform!

JackboxGames.com | November 20th – December 1st

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo eShop | November 23rd – December 2nd

PlayStation 4 (Will also run on PlayStation 5)

The PlayStation Store | November 20th – November 30th

Xbox One (Will also run on Xbox Series X/S)

Microsoft Store | November 20th – December 3rd

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon | November 25th – December 1st

If you have a question or issue with making a purchase, please contact the store you’re purchasing from directly. If you’re purchasing from our shop and have questions, please submit a ticket at help.jackboxgames.com. Please note that our customer service team is enjoying the holidays with their loved ones too! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible after the holiday. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

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