Drawful 2 is Here!

We missed spring by a few hours, but Drawful 2 is out now on Xbox One, PS4, Steam and the Mac Store. (Don’t worry, it’s on the way for Fire TV.)

All the terrible drawings and weird answers that you loved in the first Drawful but now with all these added features:

Two colors!

You can draw with two colors instead of one. And your drawing animates on. Use this power wisely. (Still no eraser, though. It’s a choice.)

Make your own episodes

Finally you can write your own prompts with your own inside jokes and references. Write an episode of Drawful prompts that are all sports themed, or song lyrics, or obscure characters from Lord of the Rings. Whatever your strange little heart desires. You can then play the game you wrote with your friends locally, or use a simple episode ID to share it with the world.

Censoring option

Love streaming Drawful but get scared that some stranger on the internet is going to type in something offensive? Now you turn on Censoring in the Settings menu, and choose drawings to skip and answers to block out. Only the first player in the game (the VIP) has this power, so only you control what you don’t want seen.

Share animated GIFs of your drawings

After each game you can choose drawings to share on social media.

Family Friendly toggle

Extended timers from streaming

Twitch log-in

Play with an Audience of up to 10,000 players

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