Custom Civic Doodle T-Shirts and Postcards Available

The Doodle Valley gift shop is now open and selling T-shirts and Postcards of all the terrible, terrible art you have made while playing Civic Doodle from The Jackbox Party Pack 4.

After each game of Civic Doodle, you can view the gallery by clicking the link on your controller. All of the artwork you and your friends created during the game will be viewable. In the gallery, you have two options: purchase or share.

Clicking purchase will send you to our page that allows you to select the size and quantity of shirt you’d like to order. Get 5 shirts with a weird mustachioed face, why don’t you? Make it your next family portrait outfit!

You also have the option to share your creation out on social media. Surely this will be the tweet that propels you into sudden fame, acknowledged by the likes of John Stamos, John Mayer, or heck – John Walsh. Then visit #civicdoodle on Twitter to see other wacky works of art.

As you may already be aware, Civic Doodle isn’t the only Jackbox Game that allows you to create a physical, permanent reminder of your hijinks. You can also play Tee K.O. on The Jackbox Party Pack 3 and restock your wardrobe with the shirts you create during gameplay.

So, pick up a copy of The Jackbox Party Packs 3 OR 4 to create some custom merch that can delight and/or embarrass your friends and family!  Visit our games page for information on the latest sales. And, check out the rest of our glorious game-related merch here.

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