Announcing Game Four in The Jackbox Party Pack 6: Joke Boat

Ahoy there! Welcome aboard the Joke Boat, one of the five new games that will be included in The Jackbox Party Pack 6

In this head-to-head game, you play the role of an amateur comic competing in a talent show on a fourth-rate cruise ship. The comedian who writes and performs (or has the game perform) the best jokes will win!

You’ll learn the ropes under Chuck Hull, the ship’s captain and emcee. Don’t let his name fool you. The horrors he’s witnessed out at sea have done a real number to his sense of humor… 

Before we jabber on, check out our funny friends at Smosh Games playing a work-in-progress version of the game!

On the Joke Boat, writing a hilarious one-liner from scratch isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. In fact, it’s as simple as three easy steps.

Step 1: Choose a fill in the blank joke structure.

Step 2: Choose a word to complete it.

Step 3: Write the punchline. 

“To arrive before the main course.” “I’m constantly updating them.” The possibilities are endless here.

Before you know it, you’ll have your sea legs! 

Oh, and since all respectable comedians have a signature catchphrase, you’ll create one of those as well. Trust us, they can act as a real lifesaver during your set. 

Speaking of lifesavers, the game ends with a frantic final round where you attempt to one-up other players’ jokes while the boat is capsizing. As the popular saying goes: “Winners get life vests!” 

So grab your ventriloquist dummy and join us as we sail the sea of laughter! 

Toot toot! 

Joke Boat supports 3-8 players and an audience of up to 10,000 brave souls. 

Look out for Joke Boat (alongside Push The Button, Dictionarium, and Trivia Murder Party 2) in The Jackbox Party Pack 6, coming this fall on major digital platforms! Be sure to follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for updates on when you’ll be able to see more Joke Boat play-throughs.

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