Why Role Models is the Perfect Party Game for Solidifying Relationships

Jackbox Games basically invented the party (don’t look that up) and we love to experiment with new ways to assign points to social interactions.

The Jackbox Party Pack 6 introduces Role Models, the game that allows you to tell your closest friends and loved ones exactly who they are by comparing them to things like circus acts, facial hair, and farts.

We would not introduce such a powerful social tool into the world without a little guidance, so here are the best situations/events/confrontations to use Role Models’ powers for good.

1. Find Your BEST Best Friend

You probably have hundreds of social media contacts, but can any one of them tell you exactly which kitchen utensil best suits your personality?

You may think you know your “real” friends. Now it’s time to rank them. Gather your closest companions in your living room or on Twitch to put your besties to the… test-ies. (Sorry, the delete button is broken.)

If your former BFF Caleb pegs you as a Leonardo when you’re so clearly a Raphael, then drop them down a few places in your phone contacts. Sarah, however, knew exactly which classic hip hop jam you would be so they’re now the godparent of your child.

2. Establish Family Dominance

In every group there is always someone “benching their bodyweight” and someone “trying to cancel their gym membership.” This is especially true in family dynamics.

Instead of getting all Oedipal, show it’s time for you to get first stab at the turkey this Thanksgiving by telling your family exactly which Greek myths best describe their lives.

Role Models rewards you when people agree with your picks. So, unlike most family dinner debates, there will be a clear winner and everybody will get a say.

3. Put HR to the Test

One of the most popular features of the game are the titles that it creates for you at the end. Whether you turn out to be a “Semi-rebellious, wealthy heartthrob” or a “brave, barely-stylish leader,” these are monikers that would look great on a business card or Instagram bio.

Could Role Models replace traditional workplace assessments? Yes. Should it? Only one way to find out!

At the next meeting, why not go around your conference table and see how everyone really views their coworkers. Are you the “spicy chicken wing” of the office or the “stale saltine?”

4. Save Time at Therapy

If your therapist immediately knew which “celebrity fragrance” truly represents your soul then… (Okay, this one’s a stretch.)

5. Find Love!

Modern romance is all about data. Most dating sites will ask you a deluge of personal questions to pinpoint your perfect mate. This is a waste. Once you find a person who can correctly identify which “part of a balanced breakfast” you are, all other possible paramours are “toast.” (Again, the delete button is broken. Apologies.)

So simply gather all of your Tinder matches in the parlour and play a game as our ancestors once did. Only this game will allow you to share the results online, which is great because it can double as your engagement announcement.

The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is already on sale on some platforms for Thanksgiving/Black Friday! Play tonight!

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