What to Bring to a Memorial Day BBQ Besides Potato Salad

Anybody can bring potato salad to a Memorial Day BBQ, but if you want to be the hero of the event, then you should arrive with The Jackbox Party Pack 4. Not only does it have five hilarious party games that can be played just about anywhere, but it also contains significantly less mayo.

Face it. You’ve been waiting for the opportunity to solidify your positioning as the person that makes Memorial Day a real shindig. Liz owns Halloween. Hattie owns New Year’s Eve. YOU can own the ever-coveted Memorial Day. Let us help.

First, you’re going to need your iPad. We won’t remind you to charge it beforehand… We trust that you won’t forget. To charge it. Beforehand. Because you know that’s important. You should charge your iPad.

Then head over to the App Store and search for Jackbox Games. Jackbox Party Pack 4 is available to download on your iPad for $24.99. (That’s only 3.5 tubs of Costco potato salad!) .

That’s it. No recipe to follow. No potatoes to dice. No weird smell in your refrigerator for two weeks. Just bring your (CHARGED) iPad with Jackbox Party Pack 4.

If it’s raining on the day of (or your bro with acute hay fever is there), no need to circle around your iPad to play the games. Here’s a quick guide for how to connect your iPad to a  big, beautiful TV.

If you’re worried for the less tech-savvy, we have a great “How to Play” video here to get the ball rolling. Have everyone head to jackbox.tv on their phones, enter the room code for whichever party pack game you start with, then you’re all set.

Don’t have an iPad? Jackbox Party Pack 4 is also available on more platforms than you have fingers for.

Still extremely attached to the idea of potato salad? Potato salad goes bad after sitting out for an hour. Jackbox Party Pack 4 is non-perishable fun that can instantly make your BBQ less awkward.

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