What Does “Zeeple” Really Mean?: A Definitive Guide

We recently received a question on Twitter from a user who was curious about the use of the word ‘Zeeple’ (as seen in Zeeple Dome, one of the games within The Jackbox Party Pack 5). 

“Hello! My girlfriend and I love the game Zeeple Dome, we play it pretty often. We heard the lyric “It’s time to Zeeple.” With this lyric we then determined that “Zeeple” is a verb, and not in fact the name of the Planet that the arena is located. Thus began the argument. My girlfriend believes that to “Zeeple” is the act of being flung around the arena. I believe that to “Zeeple” means to blood-let, considering we are  murdering the enemy aliens. That is why we have contacted you. We would like an answer to settle this argument once and for all. Thank you for your time, we eagerly await your response!”

Read on for our official response.

Dear Dependendable Domer,

Apologies for the late arrival of this response. We have been performing a deep clean of the titular dome. Certain stains are much more resilient than the beings who made them. 

Thank you for your inquiry as to the use and origin of the word Zeeple. While abducting “willing” volunteers to perform in deadly sports is our primary passion, language etymology is a close second. 

Good news! You’re both somewhat correct! Zeeple, in its modern context, means to “fling with the goal of removing the liquids from the object being flung”, but it also means “an arena with many fluids but very little gravity.” It’s closest english relative would be the word “juice”. 

Zeeple as in “Zeeple Dome”, “It’s time to zeeple” and “I can’t zeeple like I did when I was younger” can be both a verb and a noun. ‘Run’, ‘cage’ or ‘murder*’ are similar examples. 

While I may try to zeeple one of the contestants, I could also visit a zeeple to see who had been zeepled. Technically, a stadium is not a zeeple until after the zeepling has occurred but our marketers took some liberties and language is constantly evolving.

Zeeple is an alien word derived from the Saturnese word “zoople” which vaguely means to filter furiously. Not to be confused with the Rigel word “zouple” which is a type of competitive soup**.

I hope this answers your question and has satisfied your curiosity. We are not in the habit of answering questions, but seeing as you’re not the intergalactic tribunal, we figured we could stand to be upfront for once… That said, if you try to tell anyone, we will deny it zuriously***.

Thank you and keep on zeepling!


[Name Redacted]

*Fun fact 1: Much like there is a “murder of crows” you can have a “zeeple of angry sharks”
**Fun fact 2: Adding to the confusion, the Zeeple Dome does serve Zouple in a dome, A.K.A. bowl.
***Fun fact 3: Giving you the full definition of zurious would really get us in legal hot water, so just use your imagination. 

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