Using Jackbox Games For Homeschooling or Teaching Remotely

Dear Parents and/or Any Adult Who Has Suddenly Become A Homeschool Teacher Overnight,

First of all, we just wanted to take a moment to say WE LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE DOING A WONDERFUL JOB AND DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE.

Let Jackbox Games serve as a fun and educational break for your homebound students!  EDUCATIONAL? Yes, that’s what we said. THE PARTY GAMES? Yes, please listen and save your questions for the end of the lesson.  

We’ve heard from many teachers of older students that our trivia games like Trivia Murder Party 2 and You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream can be a helpful and educational break in the day! And, word games like Dictionarium can be helpful for teaching kids about synonyms and sentence building.

Other educators have used the custom episodes feature of Quiplash 2 and Drawful 2 to create rounds of the game that are subject-focused based on that day’s lesson. You can learn more about how to create these episodes here.

Don’t forget to turn on the family friendly setting in the settings menu! This can be toggled on in the settings menu before you start a game. Our games are T for Teen but most recent games have this option. 

Are your kids learning with others remotely? They can follow this guide to get a virtual game started. 

So, play games with your kids to break up your carefully curated COVID-19 schedule, and know that everyone will actually learn something too.  Especially the important life lesson of losing gracefully, because they are probably going to crush you.


Your Friends at Jackbox Games

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