The Jackbox Party Pack 9 – Patch Notes

On October 20th 2022, we released The Jackbox Party Pack 9. On November 17th 2022, we pushed out a patch to your copy on Steam. These fixes will come to Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation on December 15th. If you purchased The Jackbox Party Pack 9 through our website or on Steam, make sure to update to the latest version to receive the following updates: 

Fibbage 4


Fibbage 4 includes the following feature updates:

  • Brand new themed episodes to discover!
  • 30 new questions!
  • Lovingly tweaked art and sound!
  • Minor bug fixes!



Junktopia includes the following updates:

  • Updated Alt text/ text descriptions
  • New Items and content
  • New music and sfx
  • Minor bug fixes



Nonsensory includes the following updates:

  • Additional prompts
  • Minor bug fixes



Quixort includes the following updates:

  • Art and Gameplay updates
  • New theme song in the Credits
  • New sound effects
  • Updates to Forever Mode
  • Minor art and animation fixes
  • Minor bug fixes



Roomerang includes the following updates:

  • Winner moment updates (with confetti)!
  • New house backgrounds!
  • Updated player animations!
  • Players can now moderate goodbye speeches!
  • Minor bug fixes to controller & audience features!

One more major announcement…

In addition to these features, on December 15th 2022 we’re launching the Language Pack as a free update to The Jackbox Party Pack 9 on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation! This will provide all players with an option in the settings menu to play every game in the pack in English, French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish or Castilian Spanish. The Nintendo Switch will receive the aforementioned bug fix content update on December 15th, with the Language Pack  coming in an update mid-January 2023. Stay tuned for more details.

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