The Best Jackbox Party Games for Your Friendsgiving Celebration

a thanksgiving dinner table scene from the game Fakin It

Ah, Friendsgiving. A true rite of passage where adults learn how to truly “potluck” and buy cloth napkins for the first time. A time to finally appreciate how hard Grandma Kat works every year to get the whole family in one room for a peaceful meal. 

If you’re embarking on a Friendsgiving hosting adventure for the first time, it can be daunting. What’s to be done after dinner? How do you “entertain” guests?! Jackbox party games are here to help you create happy holiday memories. We have a variety of party games to suit every group and keep everyone laughing long after you’ve eaten your pie. 

Check out these six Jackbox party games to make your Friendsgiving celebration one that has everyone gobbling:

Fakin’ It from The Jackbox Party Pack 3

Start with a classic. During each round, the group will be asked to react to a prompt. One person’s prompt is different than the rest. As The Faker tries to blend in, you’re trying to spot who is lying. You might discover what your friend’s poker face looks like. You might also find out who snuck a piece of pre-meal pie …Greg! I mean… Faker! . 

Tee K.O. from The Jackbox Party Starter

After Friendsgiving, you want to take home some leftovers. Why not play a game that will actually create something you can buy and wear in real life? In Tee K.O. everyone creates basic drawings and slogans that are then randomly mixed together in a head-to-head battle. After you play, you can order your devious creations to wear while you tuck into your turkey sandwich a week later. 

Trivia Murder Party 2 from The Jackbox Party Starter

Trivia Murder Party 2 is great for groups that have too much tryptophan in their system to be creative. It also works well for a highly competitive group that loves a bar trivia night. Stay alive by answering trivia questions correctly or winning rounds of minigames. If the party was starting to die, this is the perfect game to liven things up. 

The Poll Mine from The Jackbox Party Pack 8

Once you’ve sparked the group’s competitive spirit, it’s time to divide into teams. In The Poll Mine, players individually rank their opinions on difficult questions and then your team has to guess how the group answered as a whole. If your friend group is comprised of passionate (AKA loud) debaters, send apologies to your neighbors in advance. 

Quixort from The Jackbox Party Pack 9

Keep your teams intact or switch them up for another cooperative game – this time with trivia. In Quixort, work with your team to sort falling answers into their proper order before they hit the floor. Your friend who always led group projects in school will be thriving. 

Roomerang from The Jackbox Party Pack 9

You’ve had an evening of collecting crucial social currency amongst your friend group, so let’s end the night with a raucous round of Roomerang. In this game, channel your inner reality TV star in an attempt to come out on top! Role-play and strategize to avoid being voted out. Don’t worry – anyone voted out will be out the door and then right back through it with a new persona!

Our internal holiday data suggest this playlist of party games will lead to a merry time, and when you send everyone out of your actual door you can enjoy your rest and leftovers knowing that your Friendsgiving was a party success. 

Ready to get your party planning started? Play our latest release, The Jackbox Party Pack 9 tonight!

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