Streamer Spotlight: whisqey

Our Streamer Spotlights are an opportunity for others to learn more about some of the people that make our community so great! For this month’s Streamer Spotlight, we’re talking about a member of The Jackbox Twitch Team! You can catch him streaming a variety of games, as well as Jackbox on Sundays. He was also featured in this Jackbox streamer Mad Verse City rap. Read on to learn more about whisqey. 

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How often do you stream Jackbox games?

Every Sunday since 2018!

What is your favorite Jackbox game to play on stream?

Mad Verse City, rap battles always bring out the creativity!

How did you discover Jackbox Games?

I watched a friend play it and I got hooked.

What is your most memorable moment with Jackbox Games?

There isn’t one memorable moment, because the memorable part of Jackbox is the hundreds of friends that I’ve met through the game and the ongoing community we’ve built based around party games.

How would you describe your community for those interested in tuning in?

Our community is extremely welcoming, accepting and ready for you to stop by. Laughs and wholesome interaction await you; friends are just a click away.

What do you like about Jackbox games?

The unique games, and then the fact that the individuality of each player shines through any game you pick!

What’s something unique or unexpected about you or your channel?

You can redeem channel points for a custom picture of a sock worn by yours truly.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Can’t wait for Party Pack 8!

Big thank you to whisqey for participating in this Streamer Spotlight! We love all of our Jackbox streamers equally, but if you have a favorite streamer from our team that you think should be included in the next featured article, let us know on Twitter

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