Play This Party Game to Subtly Interrogate Your Sibling’s New Significant Other

Siblings: sometimes your bond with them is so strong they feel like family. But how do you get close to their new significant other? Sure, the two of you could book an all-inclusive resort on an exotic island for two weeks, but “society” frowns upon that option. Luckily, there’s another way. You can play Fibbage: Enough About You with them.  

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Grab your laptop, iPad, or Nintendo Switch with The Jackbox Party Pack 4 already installed and PACK. THAT. DEVICE. You’re going to need your charger and you’re going to need an internet connection upon arrival.

Step 2: When under the same roof, study the significant other from afar like Jane Goodall. Jot down some basic info, like where they live, what their job is, and what kinds of food it eats. You’ll dive into the fun personal details later.

Step 3: Mirror every TV in the house to show the Fibbage 3 menu screen. They’ll inevitably fall for the trap…

Step 4: Fire up a game of Fibbage: Enough About You.

Step 5: Introduce this alien life-form to the game mode of Fibbage where all of the questions are about you and your fellow players. Players get points for guessing the truth, and for fooling others with their lies.

Step 6: Start to discover that this interloper is actually pretty witty. You didn’t see it at first but, wow, they just got you good.

Step 7: It’s the final round so it’s time for each player to enter one truth and one lie about themself. What will they possibly say in such a tight spot?!

Step 8: Oh, wow. Their truth is that they volunteer at PAWS every weekend. And their lie is that they’ve never met Patrick Stewart. They met him in London after seeing a play he was in. That’s pretty neat. This person is WAY cooler than your brother.  

Step 9: You are now best friends with your sibling’s significant other. Two years later, you book an all-inclusive two week vacation on an exotic island.  

Play Fibbage: Enough About You in The Jackbox Party Pack 4 tonight! Available on major digital platforms now.

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