Play The Jackbox Party Starter at Your Next Work Function

Jackbox Party Starter pack with icons representing three included games: TeeKO, Quiplash 3, and Trivia Murder Party 3

Not all work events are created equal. Don’t let your team feel like “this meeting should have been an email.” Optimize your time and build stronger bonds at work with a quick game. 

The Jackbox Party Starter includes three fan-favorite games that could be the perfect fit for your next work meeting or office happy hour. This pack of games includes a settings menu in which you can opt for a family-friendly filter and content filtering in order to prevent any awkward situations and ensure that your team has a fantastic time playing. 

Let’s take a look at each of these games.

Quiplash 3

In this game, players will receive a prompt on their phone and write their wittiest response. These responses will go head-to-head in a vote. 

If you work in an environment that requires people to think on their feet, this is a great game to help people sharpen that skill. Players will have a short time limit in which to come up with their responses, forcing them to be sharp and quick!

This is also a great game to learn people’s individual senses of humor. If you’ve got some shy folks on your team, Quiplash 3 may bring out a secret funny side. 

Once you’ve mastered the game, you can delve into the world of custom episodes. Quiplash 3 allows you to create your own prompts, which you could use to help ideate on a new project.

Trivia Murder Party 2

Yes, this game has the word “murder” in the title. This game is a little dark, and we understand that’s not for everyone. Feel free to skip down to the next game description if that’s the case for you.

However, if you and your team can handle this humorously dark theme, you might find a lot of use for this game at work. Trivia Murder Party 2 will challenge you to answer trivia questions in a high-stakes environment. The pressure is on… will you crack?

Players need to keep their cool and focus on getting the right answer and survive humorous minigames. If your work team could benefit from learning how to handle stressful situations better, Trivia Murder Party 2 can help you sharpen that skill in a fun way. 

Tee K.O.

Need a new t-shirt design before the company picnic? We’ve got the perfect game for you.

Tee K.O. will test your artistic ability, as you create random drawings. You’ll then be asked to write some phrases. These drawings and phrases will be scrambled and sent to other players, who will then match them to create the perfect t-shirt design.

T-shirt designs will go head-to-head in battle as everyone votes for a favorite design. At the end, players can purchase a real-life version of the shirt!

This game is a fan-favorite amongst work happy hour events. This quick exercise in creativity can help you loosen up a bit at work.

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