Pass Time Before Fireworks With Jackbox on your Nintendo Switch!

Wrangling the group together to watch a fireworks display can be a grind. You pack a cooler, grab the lawn chairs and blankets, and find the perfect spot to catch all of the action… 5 hours before the fireworks are set to begin. Seriously, the sun is beaming down on you and your favorite booming, sparkly friends are ages away from popping.

What is a party-loving American to do?

We have 3 words for you: Nintendo. Switch. Jackbox.

Okay, maybe more like 8 words: Play Jackbox Party Packs on your Nintendo Switch!

In case you’re still living in 1776, all Jackbox Party Packs (and Drawful 2) are available to download in the Nintendo eShop and play on your Nintendo Switch! We’re on all sorts of digital platforms including Steam for PC/Mac, Xbox One, PS4, and Comcast Xfinity to name a few. But perhaps our most portable platform is the Nintendo Switch, making it a perfect way to keep you from getting annoyed by friends or family while you wait for fireworks.

You know your companions already are glued to their smartphones, so it’s easy for them to join along and play at And, with the Switch propped up on the cooler playing rounds of Quiplash 2, you’re all set.

Some extra star-spangled news:

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 is on sale in the eShop now through June 28th for 40% off. And, for our fans who are slightly less Type A, you’re in luck! The Jackbox Party Packs 2 & 3 will both be on sale beginning the morning of July 4th for 40% off. Rest assured that even if you wait until the last second, you’ll be able to get a great deal on our games.

Not a Nintendo Switch owner? Our games also travel well with a laptop! PC/Mac codes are available for purchase in our store.

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